Lets make the tap room a brilliant place for all

by McColl's Brewery in Evenwood, England, United Kingdom

Lets make the tap room a brilliant place for all

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We want to give you what you've always asked for: A more comfortable space to enjoy. A better food and drink offering. Open more often.

by McColl's Brewery in Evenwood, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 1st August 2020 we'd raised £5,337 with 117 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Your bum will be alot more comfortable, you'll have a much better view of the brewery, you'll be able to chill out, hide or settle in for a fun night with friends and family in our extended upstairs seating area. 

With your help we'll be able to get you up and down safely (aka a staircase) and make the space a little special.

We've been humbled since day one of the tap room opening back in 2018 with the warmth and fun of everyone who has visited. Locals, new faces, people passing by, you've all made this little corner of Evenwood a lovely place to be with a great sense of community. 

Fast forward to the current global pandemic and the response from so many of you who had previously visited the tap room has been amazing. Your support (time and time again), your kind words through-out and your eagerness to return to the tap room has helped us so much, quite frankly its kept us in business. THANK YOU!

So it's now time to give back to you guys....

The Grand Plan

We want to make your time at the tap room better than ever before and make it a great place for everyone to visit and enjoy. We will make the tap room a much more comfortable space, we'll give you a much better offering of food, drink and events, plus we'll open more often!

We aim to have this all completed by the end of August.

The Tap Room

We’ll make the tap room a much nicer and more comfortable place to enjoy a beer, meet up with friends and family or just chill out in. From the toilets and décor, to the bar, cellar and furnishings, we hope you’ll find your time in the tap a lot more pleasurable.

The tap room as you know it will be transformed. We’ll be installing a new cellar to keep your beer in even better condition, with brand new beer lines and taps offering permanent keg and cask. The toilets, the seating and bar area will all become a lot more comfortable (and not just for your bottom). It’s time to make the place a lot more welcoming beyond the expected jovial cheer and hospitality.

The Offering

We’ll still offer a great selection of our own beers but we want to support other great local producers too. We’ll have regular guest beers, a great selection of cans and bottles, plus wine, gin and soft drinks. We’ll also have permanent low alcohol and gluten free beers available.

As for food, we’ll be looking to bring in local street food vendors plus a permanent paired back ‘in-house cold cuts’ selection. But don’t fret we won’t lose the good old bar snacks!!

Eventually when the circumstances allow, we’ll be offering a wider range of regular events, including brewery tours, a tap room quiz night, music and so much more.

Opening Hours

**IMPORTANT** We are NOT opening the tap room at the end of July. We will open at the end of August with social distancing, government guidelines and hygiene measures in place.

We'd love to commit to regular days and times but in the current circumstances we don't feel that would be sensible. This is new to us and with the current restrictions likely to be in place for some time we feel it necessary to remain flexible for the meantime. That said, we'll definitely be open more than the 'end of the month' we used to. Dates and times will be plastered all over social media once confirmed and we'll look to commit asap to fixed times and days of the month. Thanks for your understanding.

We really look forward to the day everyone can return (safely) to the tap room, get the beers flowing and enjoy the company thats made it a lush place to be. Cheers!

Tap Room Crowdfunder


Please be aware that the current pandemic might affect our initial offering, the launch date and how we serve you lovely people. We’ll have stringent social distancing and hygiene measures in place from day one but we’ll constantly review the situation, make necessary changes to keep everyone safe and we’ll regularly update you.


This project offered rewards

£100 or more


Join Danny on a brew day, experience the whole process from mashing in, hop additions to pitching of the yeast. Ask as many questions as you want, then regret asking them when Danny doesn't shut up (you've been warned). A lovely light lunch and beers will be provided. Please note the working brewery is loud, wet, hot and starts at 8am til approx 3pm. A convenient date will be agreed between both parties. This reward is for one person.

£10 or more

£10 Donation

Your donation will help us create a lush, happy space. It will also help us recover from the current financial stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

£10 or more

£10 + 20% BAR TAB

Pledge £10 today and we'll give you an extra 20% when you next visit the tap room. You'll recieve a pre-loaded contactless card with £12.00 on it to use on whatever you want.

£20 or more

£20 + 25% BAR TAB

Pledge £20 today and we'll give you an extra 25% when you next visit the tap room. You'll recieve a pre-loaded contactless card with £25 on it to use on whatever you want.

£50 or more

£50 + 30% BAR TAB

Pledge £50 today and we'll give you an extra 30% when you next visit the tap room. You'll recieve a pre-loaded contactless card with £65 on it to use on whatever you want.

£20 or more

£20 Be the 1st to get our 750ml Barrel Aged beers

Be the first to get your hands on our Barrel Aged beers due for release in late November 2020. Get 2 x 750ml bottles posted out to you. We cant quite release the details of the beers yet but they are big and bold, perfect for sharing at Christmas.

£30 or more

£30 - 2 Person Beer Tasting Session

Join Danny in the tap room and taste a variety of beers. Find out about different styles and their profiles, what ingredients and process were used to create the distinct flavours and aromas, and maybe find a new favourite! The pledge is for 2 people, the session will last 1 hour 30 mins. A choice of dates will be confirmed later.

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