Lets Make Southampton Great Again!

by Kuti Miah in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Lets Make Southampton Great Again!

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Southampton has been badly affected by the CoVid pandemic and we need to take positive action to create jobs and regenerate Mayflower Park

by Kuti Miah in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Southampton has been badly affected by the CoVid pandemic and we need to take positive action to create jobs and regenerate Mayflower Park, to make Southampton a better place for all thoise who live in it.


There are countless award winning businesses surrounding Mayflower Park; Kuti's Brasserie, The Dancing Man Pub selling home brewed beer and lager, The Pig Hotel and Ennios italian restaurant. All have worked hard to create something for the people of Southampton.


While these businesses are successful we watch as Mayflower Park and The Royal Pier receive no investment and continue to detoriate. Many regeneration schemes and ideas have come and gone so im doing something about it and will present it myself to help Southampton Council. 

We need new attractions to be created in the city to give families and the people of Southampton something to do, especially in the summer.

Every Summer we see traffic stretch from Chandlers Ford to Bournemouth and Poole as visitors from London, Winchester and Southampton flood over to our neighbouring towns and cities for entertainment at the beach on hot sunny days while Southampton empties out. We have to take action and do something positive to make a change for our city. Lets make our own summer beach and area that attracts visitors from other cities and we can enjoy ourselves!

This is why I’ve created the Lets Make Southampton Great Again crowdfunding page.

We want to create family attractions in Mayflower Park so people have something to do in the summer and stay in Southampton. We can make a beach, people might laugh but Barcelona has a man made beach and this has been a great success in a busy coastal port. We also want to make a childrens crazy golf area and a swimming lido in the mayflower park and regenerate the pier to put a fun fare on it. 

We can create change and make Southampton a better place. Lets make Southampton great again.

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