Lenire tinnitus treatment for Robert Logan

by Robert Logan in Hounslow, England, United Kingdom

Lenire tinnitus treatment for Robert Logan
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After trying many things - and with tinnitus worsening to unbelievably severe levels - I am requesting help for another treatment option.

by Robert Logan in Hounslow, England, United Kingdom

I never thought I would ever start a crowdfunding page for myself. However, my situation with very severe tinnitus (and varying hyperacusis) has become desperate, and I'm reaching out for help. I very much appreciate all the support that was already given when other hearing / ear issues appeared for a period between May and June. That situation improved, but unfortunately the tinnitus itself and sound sensitivity has hit a peak I didn't know possible in the last few weeks. I understand many people suffer with tinnitus and do not request this treatment. Having also experienced more "moderate" tinnitus at the beginning of this journey, I know it is possible to ignore the phenomenon and gradually "habituate." However, this is different. I would be thankful at this stage for any reduction in tinnitus severity, and so have decided to try one option I hadn't tried yet: Lenire. I myself have been aware of this Lenire Bimodal Neuromodulation treatment for a while, but, while loud, the tinnitus I was formerly experiencing was not so not so bad I was willing to take the risk on an unusual new method of tinnitus reduction. I could still sleep, function, and even make music on occasion.

If I thought the tinnitus / sound sensitivity I had going before was bad, I was wrong. The constant tinnitus / ringing in my ears now is so huge sounding, so shrill, so fearsome that even basic living is rendered near impossible. Tinnitus therapists have said to me, “it’s not the sound, it’s how you react to it” - but having tasted loud and then LOUD tinnitus, that doesn’t mean anything anymore. I’m amazed I’m even able to type this through the skull-shaking noise. It’s also “reactive” to any other sound; even me lightly scratching my own hair makes it jump up in volume and do weird sharp things in the brain. My own voice and other voices increasingly cause it to shriek in unusual ways. I can't use any sound masking as I used to, because any and every sound irritates it further. All I do every day is walk and walk, and I’ve tried every psychological method, every physical method and every herb or medicine to lessen the symptoms. But it has got terribly worse in recent weeks. The cause is unknown; maybe it was some antibiotics I had to go on for a strange reoccurring ear infection, or a sudden loud sound nearby I didn't know would occur, or a side effect of some other medication. Whatever the case, it is now so loud and piercing that sleep is impossible and quality of life drastically diminished. It is hard to go on.

Because of all the above, I want to try a tinnitus treatment device called Lenire®, launched by Neuromod Devices in June 2019. It is not guaranteed to work, and will probably not eliminate tinnitus altogether. However, I believe there is a high chance it will at least reduce the severity of my symptoms. I would be happy with that at this stage, just so I can function. It has been the only serious attempt at a new tinnitus treatment of the past few years – ignoring of course the plethora of obvious scam products hitting the market every day.

Because I haven't been able to work for months now and can't work currently, I am asking friends to club together to help me try this. I appreciate you so much! My initial assessment is at the Tinnitus Clinic in London, 1:30pm on the 20th of September 2021.

Blessings to you all, and thank you!

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