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by Robert Mitton in London, England, United Kingdom

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The aim of this project is to help unemployed people re-train and become qualified to work in adult social care; an industry needing help

by Robert Mitton in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 26th November 2020 we'd raised £1,390 with 10 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


We want to help those who have recently been made unemployed and want to work in care, get into care by providing them with the right training and coaching.

We are a team of educators and developers. Earlier this year, we made BRITEthink Academy, a place where people can get free level 2-3 regulated certificates to help boost their CV or gain entry to higher education, which is going great. However, we started to notice many people who had lost their jobs want to get into health and social care; which is great as the UK has a shortage. We wanted to create a simple online solution which connects to work experience for our learners, who are typically over the age of 30. We built Learning Care Hub to be flexible, the whole programme (level 3 adult care & level 2 mental health) can be completed off a phone, which helps many of our learners who don't have a computer, and it can run off a low wifi connection. Something which we are proud of, in stopping inequalities with access to online learning. (we also supply laptops for people who need them).


We are proud of building this online learning platform. Robert, Augusto and Panos (The core team), all have a huge passion for making use of tech to help people get into work and access education and skills training.


What we do

We are digital learning academy which supports learners into adult social care, including mental health. Our current offering includes 

  • level 3 diploma in adult care
  • Level 2 mental health awareness 
  • CV, DBS and interview support 

Our learning is online to support students through any current COVID-19 restrictions; with access to a tutor between 10am - 6pm weekdays.

Level 3 requires work experience to assess competency, we support the students into a local organisation, using a line manager to help gather evidence digitally, allowing for no assessor to enter the care setting. If local lockdowns are brought in, we follow Ofqual guidance; recently, this led to scenario-based learning.

We decided to add the level 3 diploma in adult care with a level 2 certificate to give our student's skills the UK needs. We also support them with interview and CV skills alongside work placements.

We already had the software and skills to make the website; without any funding, we built and made all the video and audio content, alongside the assessments are we are ready to go with a list of students ready to go!  

Isn’t there already funded courses?

Yes, there are currently advanced learner loans, not everyone wants to borrow student finance for personal or religious reasons.

Not everyone is eligible for advanced learner loans 

There is funding for young people, but our students are typically aged 30-45 on average and want to start work ASAP.

Isn’t the UK Government bringing in more funding for adult learning which is free?

Yes, though this is due to launch in April 2021. We have many students unemployed now and need to retrain to get into work as soon as possible. Also, we need to support the care staff shortage in the UK.

Also, this funding is for adults who don’t have an A-Level or equivalent. We want to support those that would miss out on this. They may have had a career and education, but COVID-19 has led them to a change in job.

What are the costs?

We are lucky to have already made the platform, content and have the awarding body. We made this without any funding or support.

We need money to cover the costs of - 

Tutor & Internal Quality Assurance £200.00

Certification and Registration to awarding body costs £95.00

= £295.00 will allow us to award one learner

Our Vision 

We want to grow the site to support people into the adult care sector. We want to eventually add access to nursing and midwifery courses and childcare.

We aim to use our skills in online learning to help get people into work, give them the pastoral care they need with access to live support 6 hours a day and tackle education and skills training inequalities for adult learners.

We want to be seen as a support line, to allow people into the sector who need a career change in the most flexible way. Having flexibility and online functions to speak to coaches allows people to fit it around family life and other commitments.



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