Ensuring Life Skills for Children and Young People

by Trustee of the Saltaire World Heritage Education Association. in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Ensuring Life Skills for Children and Young People
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Through stories of dramas and events in Saltaire's history, engaging children and young people in creative writing and practical numeracy.

by Trustee of the Saltaire World Heritage Education Association. in Shipley, England, United Kingdom

Learning Through Saltaire's Important World Heritage


Children, young people and parents near Salts Mill

We urgently need to develop high quality online, interactive learning resources that engage and inspire children and young people through making connections between the lives of children & young people in past times and their own today, in the process gaining a strong sense of their own identity. We need to enable self motivated exploration through new digital resources. We need skilled professional help to develop these.

Our Local Heritage

On September 20, 1853, textile entrepreneur and philanthropist Titus Salt celebrated his 50th birthday by opening his state-of-the-art textile mill at Saltaire. Shocked and distressed by the poverty of families in Bradford,  around this he built good quality homes, schools, an infirmary, alms houses, extensive indoor and outdoor leisure facilities and space for religious worship. His model town survives intact and the vast mill is now home to art galleries, a superb book shop, homeware, restaurants and much more.


The plan for Saltaire

The Saltaire Collection holds the unique documentary record of the story of Saltaire. It covers the second part of the Industrial Revolution, including for example, the employment of children and young people in factories and mills and provides a wealth of information on Saltaire's history, the events and dramas - human, economic and political- and its continued development over time.


The Saltaire Alms-houses For Elderly and Infirm (completed 1868). The original village remains largely intact since its foundation.

The Vision for Supporting Learners

Our vision is to achieve accreditation as a museum that extensively shares its items and the stories these tell, enabling children, young people, and adult learners to understand the significance of the site to the United Kingdom and across the world, and its resonance with the important social issues of today, for example in tackling child and family poverty, combatting prejudice and discrimination and enhancing the aspirations of individuals who, otherwise, lack self-esteem and self confidence.

www.saltairecollection.org  See the film we created for Historic England on our Schools Pages -



Children and Women Working in Salts Mill 

What Your Financial Support will Achieve

Our priority is to support disadvantaged children and young people through encouraging and supporting their creativity, literacy, numeracy and in the process increasing their sense of identity, personal self esteem and confidence. We have developed a range of learning resources and provide workshops in schools and FE colleges based on our heritage. 

Due to the Corona Virus we cannot deliver workshops, take children or young people on tours of Saltaire or provide real life experiences. Shipley College, with high numbers of BAME and disadvantaged students is seeking our support to develop heritage based learning materials as new digital resources. New online resources require the engagement of a professional designer, for 3 months work, to produce high quality digital educational materials. We can also share these across Bradford's schools. 

With your support we can achieve these resources.


Exhibition Building, built in 1887,designed as a new school of Art and Science and commissioned by Titus Salt Junior as a memorial to his father. Now the headquarters of Shipley College, their work continues his vision and legacy.


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