Learning in London

by Falmouth Primary Academy in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Learning in London


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Due to Covid we have been unable to fundraise for our trip to London - we would love to go and finish our London learning in March.

by Falmouth Primary Academy in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any additional funds will further subsidise the families contributions to the visit and, if we are really lucky, will buffer our extra curricular budget to support other families in our school over the year!


We are the children and staff of Year 5 at Falmouth Primary Academy in Cornwall. We have visited London in Year 5 for years and this year, due to Covid, we have not been able to fundraise as we would normally. The children would usually have baked and created to sell and raise funds to get themselves on their holidays.


 The children have offered to row from Norway to London, just like the Vikings did. They will be learning all about the "Vicious Vikings" in September. We are going to row 1700km to cross the seas on rowing machines. Not just the children but the staff too! 

We plan on hopefully swimming a marathon between the staff and pupils, in Autumn 2 term. This will link to the "Is the World Melting?" topic we will be studying.

We would love the support of anyone who would like to help us get the children of Year 5 to London to experience the city they will have learnt about in the Spring and learn through the museums and theatres there.

We will be updating the site, our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with our endeavours as we progress to our goals so keep an eye on us there and then see the fun we have in London on there too!

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