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by Faareen Ali in Accrington, England, United Kingdom

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by Faareen Ali in Accrington, England, United Kingdom

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A personal message from our Founder:

"We are passionate about educating and empowering everyone and transforming the way that you all receive the legal news. In the future, we aim to simplify legal updates within minutes of them being released. We want to be right by your side, at all times, to ensure you're aware of your rights and to ensure that you can enforce them..."

About me:

My name is Faareen Ali and I'm from the North West of England. I am an unregistered barrister and a Court Advocate. This means I'm often in court representing parties in a wide range of cases.

I'm either up against other lawyers or parties themselves, due to their inability to afford legal representation. I see, firsthand, the difficulties that they face. 

What is the motivation behind this project?

There have been so many reforms over the years, such as the legal aid cuts (2013) and other changes in law, which means that public funding is limited and/or solicitors are having to turn away certain types of cases (in the case of legal reforms) as they're not worth taking on. There are so many people who either go through the justice system on their own or do nothing at all. This is a serious problem.

I also understand that it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up to date with all the changes in law, as we get busier in our lives. Yet, it's extremely crucial that we’re aware of them because the law affects every bit of our lives.

I believe Law Simplified can help with these problems.

How can Law Simplified help?              

We are a publishing company that simplifies legal updates and principles and delivers them to the public in articles, guides, mini-updates, videos and podcasts. Our videos range from interviews to explanatory videos. These are then published on our website and social media accounts. 

We are on Tiktok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We are solely an online company and operate through our website. (

Here's my interview with a Senior Crown Prosecutor, John Dove, who joined us to discuss the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and its relationship with the police. 

He also simplified the Full Code Test which the CPS is required to satisfy before bringing a criminal charge against someone.

How do we deliver value?

We feature highly-established legal professionals in all our content and have them simplify key updates within their practice fields. They provide value and help us bridge the gap between you and the law.

Our audiences can send in questions for our legal professionals' prior to our recording. We will advertise a poster ahead of the interview and invite them to leave comments and/or inbox us. 

We then ensure that some of these questions are answered during our recording. As the business grows over the next few months and years, we will continue to create a direct line of communication between the public and the legal professionals.


Why are we raising money?

As a startup company, we need as many funds as possible, so we can invest in website development, search engine optimization (SEO), and bring on a Business Development Executive, who will help us build relationships between us and legal professionals, firms, and other businesses. I will also be investing some of the money in social media ads and will work with an agency to build a strong presence on social media platforms.

Our investment in SEO will help us become a top-ranking website on all the search engines. We will also be using the funds to buy equipment for content creation.

We are committed to supporting students!

We are strongly committed to creating opportunities for students. We have a number of LLB Law students who are producing content for us. They're afforded the opportunity to improve their written skills and are effectively promoting themselves.

We have brought on a Head of Student Affairs and are arranging student events featuring legal professionals, law firms, chambers, universities and other organisations, to make sure we can provide value to students.

What makes this project great?

We are committed to becoming one of the leading publishing companies in the legal sector. 

In the near future, we will simplify updates within minutes of them being released, to ensure we are meeting our objective of keeping you in contact with the law at all times. There will be a conscious effort to adapting and changing our content output, to make sure that it's engaging, easy to follow, and informative. Law Simplified will continue to collaborate with legal professionals in a wide range of legal areas, and produce content suited for everyone.

We will be monetizing our product in several ways.

Closing comments

I await the day where everyone, irrespective of their background or financial means, has equal access to justice and the ability to defend their legal rights. We can't achieve this long-term goal without you. 

Please tell your friends and family about us. Let us together make a change!

Please contribute whatever sum of money you desire. There's no minimum limit.

NB: Please note, we are not a charity. We are a limited company and have a clear plan to monetize our work.

Thank you, so very much. 

Faareen Ali



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