Latin & Caribbean Passion: ExcitingTheatre Project

by Yorick International Theatre in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Latin & Caribbean Passion: ExcitingTheatre Project
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To create a springboard for Important Future Theatre Projects, both Latin American and Caribbean ! Each donation is to a Reg. Charity!

by Yorick International Theatre in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


We aim to Create a Springboard for Important Future Projects, both Latin American and Caribbean, in the coming seasons:

Each donation will be to a UK registered Charity (Registered Charity N° 1056345)

Above all, there will be recreations of the two remarkable hit shows:



- ARDENTE PATIENCE (BURNING PATIENCE) by Antonio Skàrmeta, will see new performances in France and the British premiere in London !


Burning Patience ( in English )





- THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS by Isabel Allende, her novel adapted for the theatre by Isabel Allende herself with Michael Batz. Directed by Michael it was a tremendous success in London. We are planning the French premiere and a London revival.



To find out more about these marvellous projects, follow the links !

Below, Michael and Isabel in rehearsals;  & Isabel's dedication on Michael's script.


In addition to these two creations, the Company is starting several  new Latin American theatre  projects :

  • CABARET FOOT1706026480_1706026480039.pngbased on the texts of famous Uruguayen writer Eduardo Galeano on Football (Football in Sun and Shadow) , that truly Latin American passion, as well as on his trilogy MEMORIES OF FIRE: a collaboration with the Uruguayan film director Gonzalo Arijon is currently well advanced ! This , we hope, will start first performances in the summer , during the European Championship , and then during the Olympic Games in Paris !

  • 1706094762_1706094762475.pngPEDRO PARAMO , an adaptation by Michael Batz of the famous Novel by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo, in many ways the foundation of the Magic Realist movement in Latin American literature !

  • POTESTAD (Power) 1706027220_1706027219630.pngby Eduardo Pavlosky, a one man play by this celebrated Argentinian writer about the children stolen by the military regime;an important project when we have just seen the election of an out-and-out Fascist  as President of Argentina.

  • For exactly the same reasons, we want to revive ,1706094992_1706094991922.png both in London and in Paris,  THE KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN by Manuel Puig !! A play that became known through its London Fringe production , before becoming an Oscar winning film!
  • We also want to present for the first time in London1706371574_1706371574224.png the work of Uruguayen writer Susana Lastreto with whom we have worked a lot in France, to start with by rehearsed readings of her plays What is Left and Guernica !

  • THE BLUE PRINCE by Argentinian playwright Eduardo Griffero1708102403_1708102403322.png, directed by Elie Malka,  ex-collaborator of Giorgio Strehler's  at The Odeon -Theatre de l'Europe in Paris!!  
  • We hope to present a series of rehearsed readings in London in the autumn, with Susana's plays, Pavlosvky's Potestad and The Blue Prince, featuring many actors who appeared in the Creation of THE HOUSE OF THE SPRITS !
  • PLUS, VERY IMPORTANTLY,  two connected Projects continuing our work with    Caribbean writers and Carribbean history:                                             

CARIBBEAN WOMEN1706701562_1706701561871.png                                                                  six one-woman -plays commissioned from writers from Guadeloupe , Jamaica, Martinique, Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic !       all on such important but often forgotten female figures as the Taino Queen Anacoana, assasinated by the Spanish conquerors, Sanité Belair , general in the Haitian revolution that established the first black republic, Solitude (see below) , Carlota, leader of the 19th century Cuban slave rebellion, Queen Nanny , leader of the Jamican maroons, and others.

Leading up to a major creation:  

the British and French premieres of SOLITUDE1706701411_1706701410816.pngtheatre adaptation by Michael Batz of André Schwarz-Bart's novel La Mulatresse Solitude, about the resistance to the re-establishment of slavery by Napoleon.

1706197791_1706197791262.pngDirector Michael Batz has produced long line of passionate and committed work for Latin America. This commitment dates from meeting young Chilean refugees, who arrived in his high school class in London after the Coup d'état against Allende. His early  theatre work was marked by the Edinburgh Festival Prize for the British premiere of the last play by Federico Garcia Lorca (great friend of Pablo Neruda). This led directly to the collaboration with Isabel Allende on the theatre adaptation of her great novel about Chile THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS. It was Isabel Allende who recommended him the text by Antonio Skàrmeta, ARDENTE PATIENCE (BURNING PATIENCE). It was staged twice in France with remarkable success. Michael Batz also worked with Garcia Marquez, and on an extraordinary project about Eduardo Galeano.

As a theatre-maker, Michael is trying to create a form 1706197322_1706197322719.pngof magical realism and give a voice to the “voiceless”. He has already worked for more than 15 years in London with his international troupe which also welcomes exiled and refugee artists. In London he was often the first to stage George Tabori, BernardMarie Koltès, Heiner Müller, Gabriel García Márquez, Isabel Allende, Dario Fo, in close contact with the authors; many of them became friends. His greatest creation was THE HOUSE OF THE SPRITS Isabel Allende's great novel about Chile, which he adapted with the author: an extraordinary epic in 2 parts and 8 hours. Since 2003, he has worked a lot in France.

Click HERE for Michael's CV in English

The theatres of Michael Batz project booklet HERE

Today, we need your support to continue this work on Latin America and disseminate it as widely as it deserves.

Our current project allows us to prepare and plan future projects, and to start bringing together the hard core of an exceptional artistic team:

What will the funding be used for?

- Support for the journey of Léo Mélo, great artistic collaborator of Michael Batz, who exceptionally travelles from Uruguay to Paris.

- Logistics and travels for meetings with co-producers in France, Britain and elsewhere,

- notably workshops and contacts with the writers commissined for our Caribbean Women projet

- as well as  for Michael to be able to accept an invitation to spend 3 weeks in LOS ANGELES to forge contacts!

- Payment of actors and actresses in the troupe.

- Recruitment of a part-time administrator and producer for the company.

- video recording of the show to make it available on DVD to potential producers

 - to allow us to play our most recent show for a SPECIAL REPRESENTATION   in the spring, to celebrate the 120th birthday of Pablo Neruda, and in tribute to Joan Jara, who left us on the evening of our last performance of the year.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A MINIMUM OF £2900  URGENTLY ,  -  and ultimately £6000

Each donation will be to a registered Charity:

RegisteredCharity Number N° 1056345



We hope to find about 30 people quickly, who donate £100 each!

FOR THIS you will receive:

prominent thanks in all the advertising of our future projects , as well as priority booking for these!

And an invitation to an extraordinary,  special evening with director Michael Batz and his team!

For £500 you will also receive a DVD of  A SONG FOR CHILE 

For  £1000 Michael Batz will perform his one man show OBSESSIONS for you and your invited guests , at your home or at a venue of your choice!



Michael Batz and his troupe :

La Compagnie MB in Paris – Yorick International Theatre in London.

With, among others, Leo Melo (Musical Director) , Isabelle Colchen (Set Designer) , Natture Hill (Associate Artist)... and many more : find them in the project pages onour web site www.michaelbatz.org1706197997_1706197997063.png

Click HERE for Michael's CV in English

The theatres of Michael Batz project booklet HERE



THE CABARET OF EVA LUNA / SONG FOR CHILE, a theatrical evening in two parts: THE CABARET OF EVA LUNA is a magical tragi-comic piece. We follow the lives of Chilean women plunged into the violence of a coup d'état: torture, exile and the fight against the dictatorship intertwine. A show magnificently accompanied by the songs of Violeta Parra.A SONG FOR CHILE is a poetic and musical fresco of the Chilean dream: half a century of Chilean history, from the hope born of the victory of President Salvador Allende, to its destruction by the military coup, told in the words of the great poet Pablo Neruda, Nobel Prize for literature, and through the songs of Victor Jara, iconic singer and musician, assassinated at Chile Stadium on the orders of the dictatorship.

THE CABARET OF EVA LUNA / A SONG FOR CHILE was also to mark the 50th anniversary of the Coup d’Etat in Chile ! It's a collage featuring the writings and music of great Chilean artists: Isabel Allende, Pablo Neruda, Juan Radrigan, Violeta Parra, and Victor Jara , the singer and poet assasinated by the military in Chile Stadium.
During our last performance on November 12, we heard of the death that day of Joan Jara, Victor’s widow, at the age of 96. The extraordinary monologue, which Joan wrote for her memoirs, has always been part of our play: that night our actress also played it in a very moving moment, as a homage to this great lady, to accompany her on her last journey!
Bon Voyage, Joan! Now you are reunited with Victor!

We are going to play a SPECIAL PERFORMANCE in the spring, in tribute to Joan, as well as to celebrate the 120th birthday of Pablo Neruda!




1701359173_eva-luna-oct-2023-nesle-v2.jpgMichael Batz stages three realistic tales from Eva Luna by Isabel Allende to commemorate the 1973 coup d'état in Chile. Beautiful work, a goose bumper show.

On stage, a woman sits at a table, a swaddled child in her arms, a basket at her feet. She sings, in Spanish, we can make out the words explanacion de su muerta. She puts the child in the basket….                                       Isabel Allende is the niece of Salvador Allende, president of Chile from 1970 to 1973, who died during the coup d'état that brought General Pinochet to power. In 1991, she wrote the Stories of Eva Luna, twenty-three magical-realistic tales that tell the story of Latin America. The sequel to Eva Luna where she recounts the life of a strong and passionate woman, born in a brothel, in the turbulent context of the 1950s-1980s. Eva Luna's Cabaret is part of a diptych Chile 1973-2023 which bears the memory of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1973 coup d'état. In 1993, in London, Michael Batz adapted The House of the Spirits , the first novel by Isabel Allende. Here he has retained three of these tales, set them in songs by Violette Para to give them a link, songs performed with soul by soprano Natalie Milon to music played live on stage.

Three tales, three atmospheres. The monologue of Maria the Simple, a young girl without filter whose life is taken out of well-trodden rails, who chooses to live from her pleasure and that of men. I had the opportunity to see this in Working Girls, a previous project of Michael Batz, here I had the pleasure of seeing it again, of rediscovering the fine playing and violin of Maiko Vuillod. 

Alba and Clara, inspired by The House of the Spirits, the story of a woman thrown out by the van which usually throws away corpses, who will be found in the wounds left by torture, on her arms, on that of a man, a woman carried with visceral conviction by Silvia Massegur. 

The cry of four women with uncertain incomes, mothers, wives of the missing, who question, is it still possible to be happy, who argue, we must go out and look for the missing. A third sequence which offers an ensemble moment to the actors.

 Alternating genres, Michael Batz takes the viewer by the hand, takes him into a whirlwind of reflections, emotions, sensations, invites him to look at the world. On populism which, everywhere, resurfaces when the economic context becomes uncertain again. You will come out with your heart smiling at the destiny of Mary the Simple, your guts clenched by the woman thrown there, your hairs standing on end by this chorus of women who will have shouted at you to finally get up. Guillaume d'AZEMAR de FABREGUES (first published on
MORE REVIEWS :1706371357_1706371356736.png
A few years ago, an embryonic version was briefly presented at the Festival Off in Avignon, in Nîmes and in the Paris suburbs. Here are the enthusiastic responses from critics at the time:

Remarkable work: very beautiful staging, very good acting, beautiful singing performances. Before our eyes a theatrical fresco telling the history of Chile... A powerful work which deeply moved the many spectators. » JM Gautier. La Marseillaise.
“A superb show, both theatrical and musical! » Midi Libre.
The magic of the show, because it is magical, lies in the acting... In the auditorium, there is so much support that some spectators murmur the songs sung on stage. » Echo Regional
1701358907_img-20231012-wa0001.dlfk4qk8wc.jpgTexts by Isabel Allende and Pablo Neruda , Songs by Victor Jara

Montage and Direction Michael Batz, Musical Direction by Léo Mélo
Set Design Isabelle Colchen, Lights Romuald Lesné
With: Natture Hill, Clara Joly, Silvia Massegur, Léo Mélo, Nathalie Milon, Maiko Vuillod, and others.


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