'Land in the Stars' - Student Film

by Grace Mattholie in Brighton, , United Kingdom

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“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

by Grace Mattholie in Brighton, , United Kingdom

'Land in the Stars' is a coming of age story, following a vibrant group of Uni students tackling feelings of life and loss, grief and joy and most importantly human connection in its rawest, purest forms. 

Life is filled with so much uncertainty so if we move through it without moments to pause and take stock of who and what we hold dearest we run the risk of taking all those little, important moments for granted: past, present and future. 

Kendrick's life at University was not something he could have ever predicted. He is fundamentally changed through the people he met on the way for better and for worse as he navigates the mysterious city that is Brighton.

This student film is something close to all of the crew + team's hearts. It has become something bigger than us all so we need your support to make our big dreams step out into reality!


                                1705287207_1705287207459.png                                            Art by Charly Scholes    

  ★Meet the Team Fuelling the Dream★ 

  Our Director and Writer ★ Grace Mattholie ★ They/Them  1705272773_1705272772792.png"This film has grown out of my darkest moments and has manifested into my lightest joys and desires. This film is becoming the biggest part of my healing journey and I will forever hold my little purple lighter dear to me. I hope you all stick around to see the magic my team is capable of. I'm so incredibly proud of everyone involved in this project and cant wait to see where the dreams takes us all with your support!"

Our Cinematographer/Teddy bear ★ George Woodhead ★ He/Him 


" When I think about the film, I often start thinking about what it means to live alongside one another, and what we owe to each other. In terms of what I owe the other people involved in making this, it is to help create something they can be proud of. Making this is not just an important part of our creative journeys, but our personal ones.  As a character-driven piece, the film presents an opportunity to reveal itself through its cinematography, so I want to challenge myself artistically to use space and pacing in engaging ways to visually involve the audience in the world, so the director’s vision and sense of character can come through. Camera movement and framing is key to ground the narrative in a world that feels real and familiar, reminding the audience that the character is not an isolated thing, but a part of their own space and surroundings. Mostly I want to create the environment for the power of the story to come through, and hope that we create something that resonates with the audience as much as it does with us.  "

Our Sound Guy ★ Robert Gilbert He/They/She

1705281557_1705281557313.png"I'm a screenwriter, Director and Cinematographer having worked within a range of different roles, I have a clear vision for 'Land in the Stars'. You never expect to lose a friend, you're unprepared and feel lost, it feels like there's no where to turn. So with this film I strive to deliver the most precise and emotionally moving sounds to help forward the narrative. Working Primarily on Horror, however, indulging myself in a new genre I'm keen to adapt and grow as a filmmaker, attempting to put what the director has envisioned on screen."

Our Editor ★ Robyn Walters ★ She/Her

1705281595_1705281595266.png"Projects I have edited include the films 'Cassette' and 'Raise', directed by Robert Gilbert, and the music video for 'Angel Food' by Beefcake. I joined onto this project because I connected strongly with the subject matter. From the moment I read the script and through contributing to the pre production work it has felt like a healthy healing process. I hope through my editing I can bring together the film as an expression of everyone's vision and with hard work we can create a film that give comfort to those who have struggled."

Working on our Score ★  Miles M Reid  ★   He/him 

1705335184_1705335184132.png" I'm a third year music student specialising in orchestral string composition. I am so excited to be working on this film, and I hope the score puts across how important it is to me and everyone involved. "

                                             Art by Charly Scholes 


                                   ★Our Actors


                            ★  Abimbola Ikengboju He/Him as 'Kendrick' ★


"This is my first time acting on screen, traditionally I'm a theatre actor and study at Lamda on a 2 year MFA. I met Grace our director on a night out in London and we bonded over our goals and ambitions. Then 6 months later out of the blue I got a message from them offering me the role. I've never worked on something like this but I'm so keen to do 'Kendrick' justice and bring to life this vision"

★ Aruzo Amini She/Her as 'Lena' ★ 

1705290169_1705290169010.png"Shoot for the moon, land in the stars". The more in-depth soul softening words for 'its okay to not always be okay or not always getting to the destination you planned in the time you wanted.

I'm a professional dancer, owner of 'The Secret Vault Dance Company' and an actress. This film is a raw and honest exploration of the impact loss has on one, ultimately, the journey of mourning can lead to a deeper understanding of oneself and the importance of mental health and closure. My aim as the actress and dancer is to embody the words 'at Peace but forever looking over you."

 ★ Our Artistic Eyes ★ 

  Our concept art and visionary  ★ Charly Scholes★ They/Them

1705335117_1705335117276.png"I've create the book 'life goes on' for my own exploration and experiences with this topic as seen through-out this page, these people all mean so much to me. Through all the hardship that was and still is, I got to reconnect my friendship with Grace and couldn't be more proud to help on this journey. I'm a fine art student in my 2nd year. I look to bring scenes and moments to life to help capture the directors vision in my own artistic way."

 Our Visionary ★ Vic Leaper ★ They/Them 

1705339714_1705339713846.png"I wanted to be apart of this project because the message is incredibly important to me, and to everyone truly. Grief is one of the most universal experiences we face, yet it can feel so lonely, and being able to make art about our feelings and processing is one of the only ways we can find community in something so difficult. This team is incredibly passionate, and it's really special to see how much everyone cares about the art they're creating. Grace and Charly are very important to me, being apart of this all together is something I will hold onto forever."

 Head of Prop department / concept artist  ★ George Hodierne ★ She/They  

1705335152_1705335152545.png"I'm UOB sculpture graduate, my field of specialty is normally mixed media political art that has been displayed in galleries such as 'Let them Eat Fake' and my own expedition of works 'OINK' and 'Man Sandwich'. I work with Grace and they asked me to come on board and after a few meetings I couldn't be more excited to get stuck in. I aim to sustainably source all the props required for this film taking to charity shops, online re sellers, from our love cast an crew and making what else we need.

Set designer and dresser /Concept Artist /★ Rosie Tyler ★ She/They 


" I'm a Graduate from Wimbledon college of art, with a BA (hons) Theatre Design, I also work with Grace and they pitched the idea to me on shift one day as a passing thought and now I'm fully ready to tackle and be a part of this project. I specialise in design and hope to work in film in the future. I cant wait to bring this film to life with a playful touch to set dressing and design and look forward to challenging myself creatively to emphasise the larger than life characters the script demands!"

Local Brighton Talents 

 ★ Musicians Jacob Addison He/Him and Kayleigh She/her  ★ 



★ Musician/poet Frank Perkins known as 'Yung Volk' He/Him ★


"This team has become a combination of creative minds and I'm just so excited to see how everyone adds a touch of their own magic to our film - it's no longer just my words on a piece of paper" 

                                                                                                               Grace Mattholie 

Concept art by Rosie Tyler 


Oh Yeah...Why we need the £2000


Most of the Budget is going towards our actors travel and paying them what they are worth for their all their dedication to bringing this story to life. There are 4 actors in total. 

It is also crucial for us to be able to feed the team on set since everyone is working so hard and putting in so much effort, we want to keep the morale on set during our long days. 

Character in every sense of the word is vital to this story, so we have budgeted for set dressing, costumes, hair, makeup and props. We aim to source most of our materials second hand through charity shops, vinted and making what we need. But that still requires money!

                             ★ MOVIE POSTER ★



This is a joyful film despite the dark places it grew from and at the end of the day we are all just people trying to do out best.

So please help with our ambitions to shoot for the moon and land in the stars.

                                              thank you kindly,

                                          ★  Grace  ★  


                            In loving memory of ★ Theo Khelfoune★


                        ★ Our Chosen Charities ★






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