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Invest in a Greener Vehicle to Reduce Environmental Impact of Providing Our Services.

by House Clearance9 in Chorley, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Hey there, Lancashire! Ever felt overwhelmed by clutter chaos? At Lancashire House Clearance, we get it. Homes hold memories, but sometimes, those memories get buried under mountains of "stuff." That's where we come in, but to truly transform cluttered houses into happy havens, we need your help!

Here's the story: We're a small, passionate team dedicated to clearing clutter with compassion and eco-conscious practices. We don't just chuck everything in a skip; we sort, recycle, and responsibly dispose of unwanted items, minimising environmental impact while maximising smiles. We love seeing the relief on faces as homes reclaim their spaciousness and families rediscover the joy of uncluttered living.

But here's the rub: Our trusty old van, affectionately nicknamed "Doris," is showing its age. It keeps chugging along, but it's prone to breakdowns, delaying clearances and putting a strain on our budget. That's where you come in.

With your help, we can:

  • Upgrade to a reliable, eco-friendly vehicle: Imagine a zippy, fuel-efficient van whisking away clutter, leaving fresh air and smiles in its wake!
  • Expand our services: Reach more families grappling with clutter, especially those facing financial difficulties. We offer discounts and even free clearances for some jobs, we even pay our customers occasionally.
  • Invest in training and equipment: Level up our skills and tools to tackle even the most daunting hoards with efficiency and care.

By contributing, you're not just helping us clear clutter, you're:

  • Investing in a greener Lancashire: We prioritise responsible waste disposal and recycling, reducing landfill burden and promoting sustainability.
  • Building stronger communities: Helping families declutter can have a ripple effect, improving mental well-being and creating space for stronger connections.
  • Supporting a local business: We're passionate about Lancashire and committed to making it a clutter-free, happy haven.

Every pound you donate is a step towards a clearer, brighter Lancashire. Join us on this mission! Share our story, spread the word, and let's make "clutter chaos" a thing of the past. Together, we can turn houses into homes, memories into joy, and make Lancashire shine, one decluttered corner at a time!

Everyone who can contribute will receive a Lancashire House Clearance Snow Globe :)

Let's do this, Lancashire! Together, we can clear the way for brighter skies.

#LancashireCleanSweep #DorisNeedsADreamyUpgrade #FromClutterChaosToCommunity

We started Clear This Ltd. ( Trading as Lancashire House Clearance) in September 2022. Prior to this I was with Lancashire Clearance Services Ltd. 

Our team is small with just 6 of us at the moment but we have just opened a shop in Blackpool and are looking to expand our business to include an auction house for even more re-use and recycling.


We take nothing to landfill. That is a fact. We recycle and re-use what we can in-house and anything we cannot deal with is taken to a materials recovery facility for further hand and mechanical sorting. This sorted material then gets sent for re-manufacture into new products.

As recycling technology improves, we know that more and more stuff will become recyclable. So for now we are trying to keep as much as possible from being wasted.

This will ensure our children and grandchildren will have a better life.

How will we use Crowdfunder Help?

  • Deposit on a more economic friendly vehicle to enable more efficient sorting and reclamation on-site at house clearance and rubbish removal jobs.
  • Rent larger premises to enable more in-house recycling which will generate extra revenue streams 
  • Set up an Environmentally Friendly Auction House where everything is from house clearance or rubbish removals. Another revenue stream from other peoples waste.
  • The above goals will minimise the amount taken to the waste transfer station. This will reduce our costs and increase income.
  • Set up a partnership with charities local to our offices in Chorley and Blackpool. This is something that I and the entire team want to do. We are aiming to give a minimum 10% of profit from our Chorley office to a Chorley based charity such as St. Laurences and Chorley Help The Homeless and the same 10% from our Blackpool office to Donna's Dream House.

Clear This Ltd trading as Lancashire House Clearance is a small company dedicated to providing professional and reliable house clearance services throughout Lancashire. 

We cater to a diverse range of clients, including homeowners, landlords, estate agents, and businesses, offering efficient and ethical clearance solutions at competitive prices. 

We prioritise ethical waste disposal and environmental responsibility, fostering a sustainable approach within the house clearance industry.

2. Company Description:

Mission: To simplify and alleviate the stress of house clearance for our clients, while promoting responsible waste management and environmental protection.


  • Full house clearance: Removal of all unwanted furniture, appliances, electronics, and household items.
  • Partial clearance: Selective removal of specific items.
  • Garden clearance: Removal of overgrown vegetation, debris, and garden furniture.
  • Garage clearance: Removal of unwanted materials from garages and sheds.
  • Rubbish removal: Disposal of general household waste and bulky items.
  • Cleaning services: Optional post-clearance cleaning for a fresh start.
  • Used Goods Sales
  • 2024 aim for Auction House

3. Market Analysis:

Target Market:

  • Homeowners moving house, downsizing, or undergoing renovations.
  • Landlords and estate agents managing property clearances.
  • Bereaved families dealing with probate property clearances.
  • Businesses requiring office or commercial property clearances.

Market Trends:

  • Growing demand for professional and environmentally conscious house clearance services.
  • Increasing awareness of sustainable waste disposal practices.
  • Rise in property transactions and renovations, fuelling clearance needs.

4. Marketing Plan:

  • Online presence: Develop a user-friendly website and active social media profiles showcasing services, testimonials, and environmental commitment.
  • Local partnerships: Collaborate with estate agents, auction houses, and waste disposal companies for referrals and cross-promotion.
  • Targeted advertising: Utilise local newspapers, directories, and community forums to reach relevant audiences.
  • Promotional offers: Introduce introductory discounts and referral programs to attract new customers.

5. Operations Plan:

  • Experienced team: Recruit and train professional and reliable staff for efficient clearances.
  • Reliable fleet: Maintain a fleet of appropriately sized vehicles to handle diverse clearance needs.
  • Waste disposal partnerships: Partner with responsible waste management companies for ethical and sustainable disposal of all types of materials.
  • Safety and regulations: Prioritize staff safety and comply with all relevant waste disposal regulations and environmental guidelines.

6. Financial Projections:

  • Revenue model: Charge by the job based on volume, complexity, and distance.
  • Cost structure: Factor in staff wages, vehicle maintenance, waste disposal fees, marketing expenses, and insurance.
  • Profitability projections: Forecast realistic revenue growth and achieve profitability within 12-18 months.
  • Explore new revenue streams from recycled / reclaimed materials

7. Management Team:

Lancashire House Clearance will be led by an experienced team  with expertise in waste management and customer service. We are committed to ethical practices, environmental responsibility, and providing reliable, top-tier service to our clients.

8. Conclusion:

Lancashire House Clearance has a strong understanding of the market needs and possesses the expertise and dedication to succeed in the house clearance industry. 

By prioritising excellent customer service, sustainable practices, and competitive pricing, we are confident in achieving sustained growth and becoming the leading house clearance provider in Lancashire.


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