Walking around North Devon wearing a tent

by Lamp Stand in Barnstaple, England, United Kingdom

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My heart wants to do something about homelessness. The obvious solution is to provide a home: a nurturing environment as part of a family.

by Lamp Stand in Barnstaple, England, United Kingdom

The first action I am undertaking is a sponsored walk, whilst wearing a tent. I will walk around Barnstaple, to Bideford, around Bideford, to Torrington and around Torrington. Consider the cost of a meal out, a night in a hotel or even a pasty and a coffee and please give according to your means.

Lamp Stand will buy a house in which to house up to 7 presently homeless, with 'house-parents', to provide all the necessary support with the addition of qualified people who will be available in various ways as and when.

We aim to provide a family environment to facilitate gentle integration into society which will bring about peace for all those affected by isolation, rejection, loss, misunderstandings and confusion. There will be opportunities for hobbies, skills and quietude which will be most beneficial, in a safe setting. There will be a garden and the freedom to walk in the countryside, to aid mental and spiritual wellbeing.

We're aiming high and punching above our weight, but with your generosity and continued support it can be done. To use a sentiment from 'It's a wonderful life',  'While they're doing all this waiting, let them do it in at least two decent rooms and a bath!'. 

Please do watch my videos on Facebook and YouTube, for proof of my word. 

Thank You all so much!

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