Lampogo 3: fun, fast-paced number puzzles

by Roy Clutterbuck in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 3rd June 2020 we successfully raised £4,050 with 110 supporters in 35 days

This crowdfunder will raise funds for the first factory run of my educational maths game Lampogo 3.

by Roy Clutterbuck in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

If we hit £4,000 I will give 10 copies of Lampogo 3 to schools for free!

The Crowdfunder is now over and we have hit our stretch target! Thank you so much to everyone who supported the campaign.

The games have been delivered and can now be purchased through the Lightning Maths website:


1587461330_lampogo_3_product_shot.pngLampogo 3 is a fun, fast-paced game of number puzzles. It is for 1 - 4 players and ages 7+.  Players flip over cards to reveal a puzzle then have to select the correct digit counters to solve it. It is an educational game that supports mathematical fluency and problem solving.





*Note that the manufactured version of the game will have cardboard counters.



You can race each other and play competitively, or work in a team together to solve the puzzles, you can even play by yourself.




I am a teacher and head of maths at a London primary school. Over the past 3 years I have been creating games to show my pupils that maths can be playful and enjoyable. I founded Lightning Maths as a social enterprise to share my games with more schools as well as the general public.



Last year Cambridge University published a report that shows the link between maths anxiety, pupils’ self-confidence and their academic outcomes. If children are disengaged with maths then they are likely to do less well in secondary and further education, with serious consequences for their future employment and their lives.

There is also massive inequality within the education system. Pupils from an economically disadvantaged background are far more likely to be in the group of children whose maths attainment is ‘behind age expectations’.

Throughout society as a whole there is a negative perception of maths as a tricky, dry subject that is only for certain people. This attitude permeates through families and schools and is also a cause for maths anxiety.


With Lampogo 3, I am on a mission to show that maths can be playful and enjoyable. When you are solving a puzzle, there can be this outburst of creative energy as you try different methods, and then when you solve it, a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. This is the basis for a love of maths.  

I want to share this love of maths with everyone. I want to show that, no matter our background we can all learn to speak and love the language of numbers. Lampogo 3 has been designed to support the three areas of the maths curriculum:



Lampogo 3 is the antidote to boring maths worksheets. There is no pencil, no writing, and (once the rules are learned) there are no words to read. Instead there are visual puzzles, tactile counters, opportunities for rich mathematical conversations, and most importantly, there is laughter.

Lampogo 3 is a fun, social game that can be played by families, friends, or used in school. It is through this real life, social interaction that learning is supported.

Lampogo 3 is:




I set up Lightning Maths as a Social Enterprise in order to publish my games and provide services to schools. With Lightning Maths I work with schools to support pupils that are classed as disadvantaged or as being behind-age-expectations. Together we develop a programme to support their maths learning.  


For the pupils, the first step is simply playing Lampogo 3. Through playing and enjoying Lampogo 3 pupils start to build up positive associations with maths. As they start to solve the puzzles, they build up their mathematical self-confidence. It doesn’t matter if they solve 2 or 20 - it is all about that satisfaction you get from the process of solving it!  

The second step is to set up a regular schedule for pupils to practice. Through repeated practice pupils will make progress and start to embed their understanding of problem solving skills. Lightning Maths provides a Learning Pack and Video Tutorials to help pupils further embed the problem solving strategies.

The final step is an inter-school celebration event! There are a lot of maths 'competition' events already, but we aim to pioneer a more inclusive type of maths event that  involves collaboration between pupils of different schools. Having an event in the calendar is a good motivation to get pupils practicing!



1588243573_timeline2artboard_12.pngRoy Clutterbuck pitched his Lightning Maths idea to the School for Social Entrepreneurs and won a place on their ‘Start-up’ course run in association with Lloyds Band and the Bank of Scotland. Last year Roy won a Let Teachers Shine award from the educational charity SHINE. This award included more training and a grant for Roy to trial Lampogo 3 with schools in South London.


Last month Lampogo 3 was officially recommended by National Numeracy for their Family Maths Toolkit.           




Lampogo 3 has been fully designed and trialled with pupils in schools. The majority of the funds will go towards the cost of getting the game produced. 5% of the money will go towards creating the learning resources that accompany the game.



Your copies of Lampogo 3 will be sent to you as soon as I receive them from the manufacturers.

  • Postage is free to UK!
  • If you are outside the UK please add an extra £4 to your donation and I will be happy to ship the game to you.

I know you are probably keen to start solving number puzzles as soon as possible! So if you choose a game reward I will also send you digital puzzles via email to tide you over until you get your own copy of Lampogo 3!


Why is it called Lampogo 3?

Lampogo is similar to the Spanish word for lightning ‘relampago’, it is also very fun to say! It is ‘3’ because the game is based around a triangle, you need to put counters in the 3 corners to solve the puzzle.

What size is Lampogo 3?

The box measures 98mm x 98mm x 57mm. It is compact and can be taken with you so that you can play on the go.

Is Lampogo 3 just for children?

No! Lampogo 3 is for anyone who enjoys maths puzzles. If you like sudoku or other number puzzles, you will love Lampogo 3. Because you use counters rather than writing on the puzzles, you can use the puzzles again and again and increase your speed.


I have worked so hard on growing Lampogo 3 into a real game and taking it in to schools over the past few years. Every single person backing this campaign is helping me achieve my mission to make maths fun! My infinite thanks to each and everyone of you! 

As well as backing yourself, it would be really helpful if you could share this campaign with others who you think might be interested. 

Please get in touch with us on social media or at to ask any further quesitons or to send a message.

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Lampogo 3, Learning Guide & Tutorial

Lampogo 3, Learning Guide PDF with tips and access to an online video tutorial showing mathematical concepts and problem solving strategies. Thank you for helping to inspire a new generation of maths lovers!

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10 puzzles

A digital pdf of 10 maths puzzles and a heart-felt thank you!

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Lampogo 3

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Lampogo 3 & Learning Guide

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2 games and a Lampogo picnic! (London only)

2 copies of Lampogo 3, a Learning Guide PDF and the online video Tutorial. PLUS: a special VIP invitation for 2 people to attend a Lampogo picnic in London. We’ll provide picnic blankets, food, cake, and games. We will eat and play a few rounds of Lampogo 3 together! (When we are allowed to meet in groups again!) A MASSIVE thank you for helping to inspire a new generation of maths lovers!

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