Lady's Life

by Sofie in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Lady's Life

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Welcome to Lady's page, she has been recently diagnosed with vestibular disease, and is looking for kind hearted souls to help support her!

by Sofie in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Hello everyone!

Meet Lady, a warm hearted, loving little lady (excuse the pun!)


Lady initially came to myself during a tough time for her and a tough time for myself. I suffered with severe anxiety and depression when she came into my life, this little bundle of joy was nervous and skittish but curious enough to come to my door daily as it has a great spot where the sun shines all day and just loved sun bathing here. Over time I put a collar on her to find her owner, and posted on social media and created posters for the area, as she was unclaimed and unchipped, I took it upon myself to become her primary carer. 

Lady has been a constant joy to my life, and helped me during a time where I didn't want to be in this world anymore, she saved my life by coming to myself and choosing me. We needed each other, and the bond between us has grown so strong now that I cannot imagine my life without her, nor do I want to. Now it is time for me to do same for her. 

Lady has recently been diagnosed with Vestibular disease, which affects her nervous system and causes problems with her balance. Think of being on a little boat in the middle of the sea, where the storms won't stop and the waves are consistently crashing and the boat is taking its own course, for you have no control over it. This is what Lady is experiencing on a daily basis, and struggles eat or drink because of the nausea. Lady was only diagnosed yesterday on 03.05.2024. 

Lady needs urgent care and support in order to receive the right treatment to regain her quality of life. I have taken her into the emergency animal hospital, where she was evaluated for emergency care and is now currently being monitored and cared for. The quotation for this care, the all of the tests she needs including her bloods, and a CT scan to see if this is within her brain that is causing it, which will cost an estimate between £2500 - £3500, I have also been told that if surgery is required based on these results the cost could substantially increase from the estimate provided of £2500 - £3500. 

Any support you can offer would be gratefully received such as;

- Advice

- Spreading the message, such as sharing this on any social media platforms or even by word of mouth when out and about. 

- Donations of any size as every little helps

- Sharing with anyone that may work within the industry that can support with their wealth of knowledge from what they do day to day.

- Sharing with family and friends 

All forms and sizes of support will help towards Lady getting the right care for a good quality of life, as she is only 9 years old, and just half way through it. Lady deserves the same care that she has given me by giving me a reason to wake up everyday. I cannot express how important animals are in this world, and how amazing they are when it comes to us and what they bring into our lives, so lets all fight for her, the way she has for me.

*Note: Any percentage of donations not used towards ladies treatment will go towards a local animal charity and will be put to a vote to all supporters. 

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