Konsztrukting Soundz, A Hub of Sonic Explorations

by Levente Dudas in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

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Uniting musicians and sound artists, and pushing the boundaries of sonic possibilities through free improvisation and sound experiments.

by Levente Dudas in Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

My Story/Who am I?

Hello everyone! My name is Levente Dudas, my friends call me Lev.

During my early teenage years, I was immersed in the vibrant world of rock ‘n’ roll. My playlists and mixtapes included iconic bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Genesis, Soft Machine, and Van Der Graaf Generator, as well as more eclectic choices like Laibach, Can, Dead Can Dance, The Cure, Bauhaus, Front 242, Test Dept, Coil, and Einstürzende Neubauten.

However, the pivotal moment that revolutionized my understanding and perception of music and sounds—and ultimately shaped my aspirations in the musical realm—came from diverse and independent sources. Listening to the mesmerizing Jan Garbarek Group’s “African Pepperbird” LP for the first time was a revelation. It introduced me to the world of free jazz and improvised music, a spiritual and sonic realm I had been unknowingly yearning for. Influences such as Cecil Taylor, György Szabados, Evan Parker, AMM, and the AACM, along with the music of its musicians and ensembles like the Art Ensemble of Chicago, were instrumental in this transformation.

Parallel to this enlightenment came the profound impact of Arnold Schoenberg’s orchestral compositions, Penderecki's Threnody, the evocative soundtrack of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” Tangerine Dream’s transcendent “Zeit,” and Iannis Xenakis’ enigmatic “Persepolis.” Each of these works stood out for their intriguing and mysterious qualities, sparking a deep excitement within me. These experiences fueled my desire to create and engage with such captivating sounds, setting me on a lifelong journey through the expansive and ever-evolving landscape of music.


My Artistic Mission

Crafting the perfect blend of instruments and sounds is an art in itself, demanding the same creative essence required for selecting the right chords, composing a beautiful melody, or penning engaging lyrics. Throughout history, individuals have delved into the experimentation of combining instruments, a practice extending back centuries, if not millennia. Some familiar instrument pairings we recognize today have organically evolved over the course of hundreds of years, while others resulted from necessity, accident, or a spontaneous, eccentric idea. 

Since the inception of my sonic journey in 2019, my primary objective has been to immerse myself in the realm of sounds, understanding their nuances and origins. With an unwavering dedication to exploration, I strive to unearth my distinctive voice—a unique sonic signature. This pursuit involves continuous experimentation, learning, and the harmonious fusion of various instruments. Additionally, I keenly observe, record, and incorporate the ambient noise and sonic textures that surround me, contributing to the rich tapestry of my sonic endeavors.

N|O|E|W|A: My Journey into Sonic Discovery

N|O|E|W|A invites one on an odyssey through sonic landscapes and free-form electroacoustic improvisations. The genesis of N|O|E|W|A traces back to my immersion in curating and championing contemporary free-form jazz and improvised music in Szekesfehervar, a town nestled approximately 45 km (30 miles) southwest of Budapest, Hungary, during the period of 2008–2009. Initially driven by aspirations of success as a music promoter, my journey eventually led me to the realms of sound art, sonic exploration, and the creation of experimental electroacoustic music.


Konsztrukting Soundz: A Journey of Sonic Exploration

Konsztrukting Soundz has been a constant companion throughout my musical journey. From curating avant-free jazz series in Hungary back in 2008-2009, to embarking on a venture into sound design and synthesis in 2019, and finally taking the stage as a performer in 2023, Konsztrukting Soundz has always been there, waiting for its time to emerge. Now, in 2024 and beyond, I am committed to bringing Konsztrukting Soundz to life, dedicating myself to its realization and growth.

The Fishermen's Chapel, Leigh-on-Sea

Located within the enchanting confines of the Fishermen's Chapel, a quaint Methodist church nestled in Old Leigh (Leigh-on-Sea), Konsztrukting Soundz aims to be a beacon for established and emerging musicians, sound artists and improvisers alike. The mission is to foster collaboration among musicians and with independent record labels, venues, and cutting-edge tech organizations, offering a platform for individuals from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the realm of experimental sonic exploration. With its acoustically unique space at The Fishermen's Chapel, Konsztrukting Soundz promises to be a haven for unorthodox creative expression.


The Vision: A Symphony of Innovation 

At the heart of the Konsztrukting Soundz series lies a vision to unite musicians and sound artists hailing from electronic and electroacoustic genres. Whether reveling in solo performances or collective improvisations, Konsztrukting Soundz artists share a passion for pushing the boundaries of sonic possibilities. Free improvisation serves as the cornerstone of our ethos, allowing for spontaneous creativity to flourish. With regular concerts scheduled each month, typically on Saturdays, Konsztrukting Soundz provides a stage for sonic exploration, with the exception of a summer hiatus in July and August.


How You Can Make a Difference

Konsztrukting Soundz is currently in the midst of its inaugural phase, serving as a testament to the potential of a serious music series. As I navigate this 'pilot' or 'proof of concept' stage, I am diligently exploring various avenues for funding to sustain our momentum and ensure the completion of 10 exhilarating gigs by the end of 2024. With your generous support, I am confident that overcoming this initial hurdle will pave the way for the development of a robust and sustainable business model that will thrive in the years to come and well beyond 2024.

Where Your Contribution Goes

Your contributions will play a vital role in the success of Konsztrukting Soundz by supporting:

  • The rental of The Fishermen's Chapel for next 12 months, providing an intimate and acoustically unique venue for our concerts and workshops.
  • Production costs for the next 10 concerts and sonic workshops pilot programme.
  • Running costs and essential operational expenses, including internet services, website development and administration, IT infrastructure, creative content production, and marketing initiatives.
  • Offering modest artist fees for each concert, ensuring fair compensation for the talented performers who grace our stage.
  • Costs of securing an excellent quality audiovisual studio and PA equipment, which would be used to record every concert in its entirety with possibility of releasing those on cassettes, CDs or LPs, if the artists choose so.


Konsztrukting Soundz Seeking Patrons!

I am seeking patrons, or changemakers, to play a crucial role in supporting the future of Konsztrukting Soundz and its unorthodox, experimental sonic adventures. As a patron of Konsztrukting Soundz, your name will be proudly displayed on our website and at each of our gigs. Additionally, you will enjoy exclusive benefits and be the first to receive special offers and updates.

What People Say About Konsztrukting Soundz

Below are several fantastic feedbacks I have received recently.

"I appreciated the high quality of the programming and the guest musicians. Also the warm welcome from the organizing team of Konsztrukting Soundz and from the public. I am happy that Konsztrukting Soundz allows audiences to hear original creations and improvisations and allows artists to come and present their work. Such an investment is vital for the community and for art. Thank you.” – Pascal Marzan, guitarist

“Lev has put a lot of energy into establishing a platform for Experimental and Improvised music in Southend and Leigh-on-Sea. He has brought in musicians from all sorts of backgrounds, presenting lively and diverse gigs. Through the influence of these concerts he is creating a 'scene' within the Southend area encouraging and stimulating local musicians to get involved. Long may Konsztrukting Soundz thrive!”  - John Bisset, guitarist, improviser, composer, and film maker

“Konsztrukting Soundz is a fab series! The venue is a joy to perform in and I was very well looked after as an artist. Last but not least, all performances on the night were amazing!” – Iris Garrelfs, sound artist, composer

“Lev Dudas has organised a wonderful series of concerts in a lovely venue - namely the historically important Fisherman's Chapel. Every Konsztrukting Soundz event is carefully curated and showcases w wide variety of improvising musicians, sound artists and experimental musicians. I thoroughly enjoyed the event that I did and appreciated how well we were looked after by Lev and his family. The venue has a perfect acoustic and the PA was very good and the resulting sound was crystal clear. The gig was carefully choreographed in terms of order
and set times and it was delightful that we could all play together at the end. I recommend that people support this venture as the serious is an important addition to experimental music happenings outside of
London.” – Phil Durrant, multi-instrumentalist improviser/composer/sound artist

“Lev Dudas' Leigh-On-Sea event, Konsztrukting Soundz, is a welcome addition to the electroacoustic and improvised music community in the UK. Providing a platform for experienced performers and new artists alike, the venue provides a welcoming and atmospheric environment to create music and is easily accessible from London. Lev's enthusiasm is second to none and his curation has so far produced many outstanding performances.” – Christopher Hill, sound artist, musician


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