Knowledgeable book's that will make you dive deep.

by Fatima Muhammad in Rochdale, England, United Kingdom

Knowledgeable book's that will make you dive deep.

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we are a couple of author's that always wanted to change the community into a higher vibrational and a knowledgeable.

by Fatima Muhammad in Rochdale, England, United Kingdom

Hi we are a couple of author's that always wanted to change the community into a higher vibrational and a knowledgeable place where to live, and we believe it's Starts from the children's, if we can educate our children and grant them the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a captivating and accessible way.

Unlock the secrets of everyday life, dive deep into knowledge that empowers you in health, wealth, science, history and much more, empower your day to day life with your daily dose of knowledge. If you are curious about the world around you? Our books are comprehensive guides for adults, children's, and family to navigate your daily life with confidence, learn how to manage your health, build and learn about wealth, understand science and appreciate history. We also intend to encourage everyone one to read more book's as the recent scientific studies found we will mention few below here

1) Reading improve brain connectivity: studies using FMRI scans show that reading activities various brain regions region responsible for language processing, memory, and even sensory functions.

2) Reading Enhance Empathy: Researchers have found that reading literary fiction, in particular, can boost a person's ability to understand and share the feeling of other.

3) Reading Benefits sleep: The blue light emitted from electronic devices can disrupt sleep pattern.

4) Reading just for six minutes can reduce stress levels by 68%.

So reading is immensely beneficial for our health, but I can see everywhere that people doesn't use this asset or they doesn't know about it and take it for granted, 42% of graduates never read another book after college, this is catastrophic for our society if you can imagine the consequences.

With your support we can change this we have technology that allows us to have an immense stock of libraries all around the world with all kinds of books the acquisition of knowledge has never been so easy like nowadays and we need to take advantage of it in a good way. Our company's aim is this but we need more people and more financial support to produce more book's starting from children's book's we will try to produce very soon book's for adults that will change the readers life in many ways, please take into consideration this matter do some your own research and join us to grow into a better community and one of the best civilization that have ever existed many thanks.

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