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by DrF in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

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Help us launch our fun, family-friendly, co-operative game Kissy Kissy! for PC/mac & Nintendo Switch. We can't do it without you!

by DrF in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Help us Launch!

Kissy Kissy! is a cute two-player co-operative family game for anyone who ever wanted to run away from unwanted kisses. The characters, Tiger & Bee, were inspired by my real-life tiger-onesie-wearing grandchildren. 

As any parent knows, some children would rather run away and hide than kiss their grandparents, and as a granny, luckily I find it so funny I made a game about it. 1591138445_untitled_drawing.jpg

Pro-game Granny

I’m Constance Fleuriot and I’m a writer, games designer, granny and love to create games that see things from a child’s perspective. Kissy Kissy! started at Fuse Jam 2017 in Bristol with AJ Murdoch & Harry Sussams making art and me coding(!). Last year with UK Games Fund support I was able to work on it with Claire Morwood of 3FoldGames & Harry again to make a playable demo of Kissy Kissy! which you can test out now free on itch.  

Keeping it simple

The Kissy Kissy! demo has been played by lots of people of all ages and has proved very popular. Now I need your help to finish and launch the game on pc/mac & Nintendo Switch. I want it to be accessible as possible so that grandparents and young children can play it so have kept it quick to learn and easy to play, with very simple controls - for pc/mac both players can share a keyboard or use just two buttons on plug in controllers.


Co-operative & intergenerational!

Kissy Kissy! is deliberately designed so the two players work together, as Tiger & Bee, co-operating to build dens as safe spaces to hide away from the kissy grandparents. To make it even easier for complete beginners and non-gamers you can choose to make one or both characters unkissable. This is also helpful when very small children want to play with older siblings - they still have to work together to collect items but can’t be caught.

1591184840_manci.jpgLots of children and parents have already enjoyed playing Kissy Kissy! and I think it is a perfect way for small children to teach their grandparents how to play games. There are no in-app purchases, to make it safe to let children play on their own!

Why Switch?

Kissy Kissy runs on PC or mac and is almost finished. Don't forget you can test out level one for free on itch before pledging.  With your help and support we can finish the game and make a Nintendo Switch version. Switch seems like an obvious platform for Kissy Kissy! because it is a local co-op game (you sit in the same room playing together) with very simple controls (one control stick and one button each) that map perfectly onto Switch.

How will your support help?

£10,000 of your support will mean that the team can:

  • finish the existing three levels - the two youngest testers found a few glitches at the seaside!
  • create a Switch version - this will be a local co-op game to play with whoever is with you in the room
  • get player feedback on how the game works on Switch

£15,000 of your support will mean that the team can:

  • add at least one more level to the game - perhaps Tiger & Bee could visit a Farm?1591828948_1591828828794.png
  • explore how the game could work online and on touchscreen so that you can play with others remotely, which will be perfect for intergenerational connections.
  • Kissy Kissy! Is the first of a planned suite of games for Wonzie World, which will be an online home for fun family-friendly games for intergenerational play.


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£50 or more

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Switched On Early Bird

Itching to play Kissy Kissy! on Nintendo Switch? There will be at least three levels of the game as a two-player local co-op - perfect for playing with children or adults. And we will send you Tiger & Bee printable colouring sheets and add your name to our Wonzie World Wall of Fame.

£2 or more

Every Little Helps

Perfect if you like what we are doing but feel a bit skint at the moment, what with everything that's going on in the world. Whether you send us £2 or £200, we will be very grateful for the support.

£5 or more

Get colouring with Tiger & Bee

Send us a fiver and we will send you some printable colouring sheets featuring Tiger & Bee - our cute little characters from Kissy Kissy!

£15 or more


For anyone who wants to have a play with our 3-level demo of Kissy Kissy! for PC/mac. We will also send you some Tiger & Bee printable colouring sheets, and add your name to a Wonzie World Wall of Fame. Our 3 year old playtester already found a couple of things we weren't expecting which we plan to sort before sending out this reward...

£100 or more

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Paint A Tiger

Less dangerous than it sounds - this not only gets you the three level Kissy Kissy! game for Nintendo Switch, your name on our Wonzie World Wall of Fame, and some Tiger & Bee printable colouring sheets, but ALSO a cute little Tiger character toy! This will be 3D printed from recycled plastic for you to custom paint yourself.

£1,000 or more

0 of 10 claimed

The Big Wonzie

So, this massively generous support from you gets you the three level Kissy Kissy! game for Nintendo Switch and for PC/mac, your name on our Wonzie World Wall of Fame, Tiger & Bee printable colouring sheets AND your very own made-to-measure Tiger wonzie for either one adult or one child.

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