House of Prayer- Shtepia e Lutjes

by Andi Beqiraj in Lushnjë, Lushnjë District, Albania

House of Prayer- Shtepia e Lutjes

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Helping our Christian brothers and Sisters during this Covid-19 Epidemy!

by Andi Beqiraj in Lushnjë, Lushnjë District, Albania


In this short email i will explain briefly the situation that we are facing in the midst of the two emergencies. 

1. The earthquake 

The damage it caused almost involved all Albania, but mainly focused in a village near Durres. A lot of families lost their homes and many lost their beloved ones. Some people, loosing thier homes, lost thier life time investments. In this moment, many of them are living in tents. They are hopeless because even if the government want to help them, they cant because of the new emergency caused by the coronavirus. The local church helps mainly with providing to them some parcels of food that like the help from the government, stoped In this new situation. Looks like their problem is forgotten in the midst of this crisis.

2. The coronavirus 

Albania is not listed in the counties with a big number of infections and deaths. The biggest impact is upon the economy. The families arr running out of supplies in food.

Even though it is not definitive, the fact that a lot of businesses have stoped their activities, has left a lot of people unemployed for the moment. They are left with the inability to take care of their families. Most of the albanian families dont have a saving account in wich they can rely on in this kind of situation. The government also doest have the capacity to support them as it is needed in this situation. So the people are full of fear and insecurity. The churches are in difficulty because the members of the community as well are impacted from this situation. So it is also hard for the church to help others like they need to be helped, facing the uneployment. But still we do what we can. 

So we humbly ask for you help to provide for the families really in need so they can be helped properly during the devastating economical crisis. We invite you to join us as partners to help reduce the negative impact these two situations caused, and the most important thing, to have an open door to reach them with the Gospel. 

Take care, be safe, and may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you in every decison you make and everything you do.

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