Bring back Kernow Gymnastics & Acro Academy

by Claire Florey in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

Bring back Kernow Gymnastics & Acro Academy
We did it
On 10th February 2018 we successfully raised £3,615 with 120 supporters in 56 days

Provide temporary training facilities and transport to keep the gymnasts of Kernow Gymnastics Academy training whilst the gym is rebuilt.

by Claire Florey in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Wow - what an amazing response, thank you to everyone so far who's contributed. Only a day has passed but the size of the challenge of making sure all the children can continue doing gymnastics in the interim is just becoming clear. We need emergency equipment to use in temporary accommodation once secured, we need to transport the squads to the generous clubs in Cornwall that are offering us use of their facilities, we need to replace so many 'little' but expensive bits such as handguards and leotards  which we need now whilst the inevitably long process  through insurance and planning  and eventual rebuild is carried out. 

Some great progress has been made by the leadership team in securing interim arrangements and hopefully the children will be back training soon where they belong - your contributions will mean that we have more chance of equipping the temporary spaces into suitable training gyms, that we can transport the children to temporary facilities and that all of them will continue to get so much from the sport they love. Thank you, you're awesome x

Please help us bring back Kernow Gymnastics & Acro Academy!!!!

Our amazing local gym burned down on Friday 15th December and we desperately need funds to help our 500 strong community of enthusiastic and committed gymnasts get their beloved gym back. The dedicated coaching team are distraught to have lost the gym which opened a new extension only 2 months ago, whilst the gymnasts themselves who spend so much of their lives there are bereft with no where to train.

The fire itself took place after the excited team of gymnasts had gone home after the dress rehearsal for their Christmas display - for which they had spent weeks preparing. 

It will be a long  and expensive journey to replace the gym with resources needed for interim arrangements required to keep the gymnasts training and achieving, and costly equipment to replace all that was lost. In addition a number of them are due to compete in January and February and need to keep training.

As most of you know, gymnastics requires dedication and commitment - the children and adults who train there and the coaches who invest so much in these individuals spend so much time there it's there 2nd home  - please dig deep and help us keep them training.

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