Keep Olivia's Wheels

by Margo in Cheshire

Keep Olivia's Wheels
We did it
On 25th November 2015 we successfully raised £8,555 with 340 supporters in 28 days

Please help cancer survivor and aputee Olivia Cork keep her specially adapted car and share her story to highlight DWP failings.

by Margo in Cheshire

We have smashed it! Thank you so much everyone who has supported Olivia.  On behalf of Olivia and everyone who loves Olivia we just want to say that we are  ecstatic that we have raised enough money to pay the wicked DWP back and now Olivia can hold on to this precious lifeline. I want Olivia to hold on to any extra monies raised and it can help in the servicing and upkeep of this vehicle including new tyres for winter and the costs of running all over the country as she does to promote awareness of cancer in young people.  Olivia's work saves lives!

Olivia's experience has now been highlighted in local and national press as well as on national TV.  We hope that those people whom we pay to makes these type of decisions on our behalf will wake up and see the impact of their systems and procudures which are inadequate and clearly not fit for purpose.  We need explanations now.....


19 year old Olivia Cork is one in a million! Having lost her leg to osteosarcoma at the age of 14,  she has went on to become one of the most inspirational young ladies in England.

Not letting her disability get in the road of her ambitions, vivacious Olivia has went to raise thousands of pounds for charity as well as training as a para-athlete to take part in international swimming competitions hoping eventually to become a para-olympian.

Through her tireless involvement in charity activities including guest speaking at Teenage Cancer Trust, Macmillan and SCAT events as well as promotional filming for Cancer Research all on a voluntary basis,  she has undoubtedly helped raise awareness of cancer in teenagers thought the UK. Her forthcoming involvement in the Text Santa campaign will help raise even more money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Sixth form student Olivia leads a very busy life, her illness has meant that she has had to remain at school for an additional year to complete her A Levels and secure a place at Manchester Metropolitan University next year.  Rising at 5.30am on weekdays, she trains at her local swimming pool. 

Now Olivia's hopes and dreams are now being jeopodised and she is about to lose her independence.  Independence that allows her to carry on the fabulous work she is doing for many cancer charities as well as her international swimming aspirations.

Olivia has been deemed "not disabled enough" to keep her specially adapted mobility vehicle which has been her lifeline since she learned to drive at the age of 16.  Savage government cuts by the Department of Work & Pensions to DLA has resulted in this dreadful and inappropriate decision and has left Olivia heartbroken and faced with the impossible task of having to find over £5,000 to keep her vehicle before 9th November this year ( this excludes the £2,000 transitional support package available from Mobility) or return the car.  Olivia has already appealed to no avail.

"Taking away my car would be like taking away my lifeline" says Olivia who was recently nominated for Cheshire's Woman of The Year Award. "Transport links where I live aren't the best and I would struggle to get from A to B independently."

There is a lot more to this disgraceful story and we will be doing as much as we can to highlight it in the local and national press but in the meantime please keep Olivia mobile by putting a little towards the cost of her vehicle.  Together we can make this happen for Olivia.




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