Kayleighs car Bill.

by Shell Hawkes in Andover, England, United Kingdom

Kayleighs car Bill.

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Kay is struggling to make ends meet after already paying to have her car moved back to Andover. The Garage bill is outstanding.

by Shell Hawkes in Andover, England, United Kingdom

Kays car was broken down, stuck out of area, she has raised the funds herself to get it moved back to Andover to be fixed. Plans were in place through a friend to have her garage bill paid once the work was complete but unfortunately The recent passing of her best friend has meant that plans For payment have fallen through. She is without her car currently. She has taken in her friends Son and Dogs and is struggling during this Pandemic to exercise the dogs locally. Ideally she needs to drive further out for various reasons. One of those reasons being her mental health. Kay can't face seeing people yet and driving out of town means we can keep her anxiety at the minimum. 

This would also make life much easier when it comes to essential food shops, when Kay can't access a delivery slot she is unable to carry a large amount of shopping home. Meaning more regular trips on foot and therefore placing herself and others at risk. 

Kay has been focusing hard on getting things done and prioritising other people during this difficult time and any help we can offer to get this garage bill paid will help her hugely and lift a weight off of her shoulders. Kay isn't working currently due to her mental health which has only worsened since losing her best friend. 

Every penny donated will be so gratefully received and will benefit not only Kay but Tara's dogs and Son also. Any extra donated she would like to put towards Tara's son, he has arrived to her with very little in the way of personal belongings. Clothing being the main priority at the moment. If anybody has good condition clothing to fit a 17 year old it would be gratefully received also. 

Relying on us this one time for this one big thing will then mean she can then rely on herself.  

Kays car Bill sits at £702. 

All donations have been set up to go to Kay directly. She will receive them into her bank account. I have her permission to set this up as she's understandably not in a position at the moment where she felt able to do so herself. 

Thankyou in advance for any help you can offer. 

Let's help this amazing lady during this horribly difficult time. 

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