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Opening the door to investment in purpose driven businesses

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Started on 31st March 2022 John Adam St, London WC2N 6EZ, UK

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Jaskiran Mangat And Elitsa Marinova posted an update on 5th April 2022

Thank you for supporting Kālā

Hi everyone,

Team Kālā here, we wanted to say a massive thank you for supporting us at this early stage on our journey to make investing more accessible and equitable for everyone. 

We're excited to put your generous donations to good use - building the business and growing our community to help everyday people make money AND do good. 

Spread the word

We only have 2 days left of our Crowdfunder campaign so please help us spread the word far and wide by posting the following message to your networks:

2 days left to support Kālā! The inclusive investment platform that enables you to put your money where it matters. We want to empower anyone to be able to make money AND do good!: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/kala-allows-you-to-put-your-money-where-it-matters


If you know anyone that we should be in touch with or would like to discuss Kālā further, we're always up for a chat!  You can reach us here: [email protected]  

Connect with us

If you’re interested in hearing more about our journey and seeing what we're up to, please check us out on instagram: @joinkala.io and our website: www.joinkala.io.

Jaskiran and Elitsa x

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Who's behind Kālā...

We are Jaskiran and Elitsa, socially-conscious innovators with 10 years combined experience in financial services and impact.  We met on the Year Here programme in 2021, where we discovered a shared passion for helping purpose-led ventures reach their full potential and better the world around us. We also personally experienced the frustrations and lack of opportunity to invest in and support the start-ups that we believe in.

In response to this, together we founded Kālā. We understand that business is what makes the world go around and it’s the best opportunity we have to solve complex social problems. We want to make finance available for where it is needed and bring about the much needed change in the investment and startup ecosystems.




Society faces ongoing and long-term challenges with inequality, climate change and sustainability. Meanwhile we all participate in a financial system which benefits a minority and excludes opportunities for others.

The problem we are addressing is two fold:

1) Everyday people (known as ‘retail investors’) lack the opportunity to do good and make money by investing in what matters to them. Anyone has the potential to be an retail investor, this simply means people who want to invest some of their money with the expectation of generating an income or profit.


Retail investors face barriers to investment for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of expertise or knowledge about investing
  • Lack of time to do the necessary research and due diligence
  • High financial barriers to entry to high performing asset classes (private investments)



This leaves those who want to invest with limited options to grow their wealth and invest in what they believe in.  For example, ‘equity crowdfunding’ which relies on people to make investment decisions with little information and results in 7x fewer exits (getting your investment + returns back) than Venture Capital (VC) investments.


2) Meanwhile Purpose-driven startups who strive for more than just profit struggle to get funding as they don’t fit into the traditional private investment model. There are over 1000 impact driven startups in the UK which struggle to get funding because the current system isn't built to help them grow.

This is an exciting time where people increasingly care about impact and ethics and want to make a difference. Impact investing has the potential to generate high returns but the investment industry is yet to create access for the wider population. We want to build a world in which anyone can become an active participant in addressing society’s toughest challenges through the power of their money.




Enter Kālā. Kālā is a new age investment platform which helps you back the businesses and causes you care about.  We want to help people put their money where it matters and start using finance as a force for good. Through Kālā you will have the opportunity to make money and make impact by investing in purpose-led businesses that are creating positive change for people and the planet.


Kālā is removing barriers to private investment by bringing down the minimum investment to £500.   We are bringing transparency and human touch to today’s world of investing by making it simple and affordable for the many, not just the few.

For customers


Behind the scenes

We’ll take your money and work with experienced VC funds who care about environmental, social and governance (ESG) and invest this money in to great companies like Zedify, Wagesteam and Spill who are innovating and delivering products and services that better the world around us (Note we are using these companies as examples and are not investors in them).


What's next

We want to test our proposition with impact-concious VC funds and are planning to launch a pilot with early customer. 


And we need your help to make it happen.


How your support will make a difference

This is an opportunity for not only change, but innovation in a sector which has until now been led and dominated by the few. A sector where female founders only get 2.3% of all funding, and only 1.8% of capital raised goes to black and brown founders.

We are determined to be a frontrunning force in contributing to a wider systems change.  Where diverse founders, like us, will get funded by diverse people, like you, to make equitable and inclusive change for everyone.

Your support will help us gain credibility and kickstart our prototype development and pilot programme.  We'll use the funds for web design, buying our domain and other start-up costs such as software tools we need to develop and run the business.  

We have exclusive rewards that will bring you on this incredible and innovative journey with us, from access to our community and newsletters, to VIP invitations to invest with us and more.

Excited to join the ride? Support us and share this campaign with some friends.

£25 or more - High five! 

Your support means so much to us.

We love that you want to get behind diverse founders and help us democratise access to investing for everyone! Thank you so much for believing in Kālā. Your support means a lot to us.

£50 or more - You are a hero! 

Thanks a million for helping us get started on this journey.

  • Your support will give us the credibility we need to make a change in this space and make access to investment more equitable.
  • You will receive a personalised thank you and an invitation to join our community where you can get exclusive access and updates on all things Kālā.

£150 or more - WOW! 

Thank you so much, what an amazing gesture.

  • You will receive a personalised thank you and an invitation to join our community where you can get exclusive access and updates on all things Kālā.
  • We’ll also invite you to be a priority VIP customer when we launch.

£250 or more - You are a SUPER STAR!

Thank you for your generosity!

  • You will receive a personalised thank you, invitation to join our community and an invitation to be a priority VIP customer when we launch. 
  • In addition, you’ll also receive 3 months free subscription to our platform.

£500 or more - ** WALL OF FAME **

We can’t thank you enough.

  • You will receive a personalised thank you and invitation to join our community.
  • A special invite to be one of the first to invest with us as a beta tester.
  • You’ll also be a priority VIP customer when we officially launch. 
  • In addition, you’ll also receive 6 months free subscription to our platform. 
  • AND your name will be added to our Wall of fame on the website.

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Thank you!


Team Kālā 


Gabi, Wil & the Metta team x
11th April 2022 at 9:05pm

Let us know how we can help!

Gabi, Wil & the Metta team x
11th April 2022 at 9:04pm

pledged £100 + an est. £25.00 in Gift Aid

Tanya wright
9th April 2022 at 11:15am

Go smash it ladies 💪💪

Tanya wright
9th April 2022 at 11:15am

pledged £7 + an est. £1.75 in Gift Aid

Aaron Houlihan
9th April 2022 at 3:41am

This better make me a millionaire 💰

Aaron Houlihan
9th April 2022 at 3:41am

pledged £20

Preety Mangat
8th April 2022 at 10:43pm

your welcome hold a hefty dbi tho

Preety Mangat
8th April 2022 at 10:43pm

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Hayley Mackay
8th April 2022 at 10:25pm


Hayley Mackay
8th April 2022 at 10:25pm

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Sheen Chin
8th April 2022 at 10:15pm

Living ethically and being driven by more than pure profit is the zeitgeist of our generation, and impact investing is a key pillar of this trend. So excited to see where this venture goes. Go get em Jas!❤️

Sheen Chin
8th April 2022 at 10:13pm

pledged £50 + an est. £12.50 in Gift Aid

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