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Every year thousands of children are abused. Most hide their torment from those close to them. Some can never reveal what they went through.

by Justice Film in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Hi. My name is Phil and I wish to produce a film based on events from my childhood.

Sadly, as a child I endured several years of sexual abuse at the hands of a family 'friend'. This opportunistic monster abused his position of trust to inflict his sick desires on me over a period of around 4 years, beginning when I was just 6 years old.

I was never able to speak about what I went through, due to his clever control and manipulation, and thought I would take his secret to my grave. However, during the first Covid lockdown, I received a phone call from a police officer regarding abuse a schoolfriend had reported he suffered during our childhood. Though not the same abuser and I couldn't help with her enquiries, this officer sensed I was a 'survivor'.

Being exceptional at her job, she persuaded me to open up to her. After being interviewed on camera and following her investigations, despite this monster's claim of innocence, the police and CPS were very confident of a conviction and a substantial custodial sentence.

I didn't get to face my abuser in court as he passed away just two weeks before the court date and, unfortunately, he continued to haunt me as all the nightmares that haunted the majority of my nights throughout my life resurfaced.

His abuse destroyed my life. My relationships failed, I suffered an excessive lack of confidence and attempted suicide on more than one occasion. However, with the support of a couple of good friends and counselling from the wonderful organisation, Savana (it's no exaggeration to say they have saved my life), I have learned to cope somewhat with the nightmares and I'm now focussed on this project and want the film to achieve four main targets:

1, Get the name of Savana, a wonderful charity organisation who counsel and support victims of sexual and domestic abuse and violence, into the awareness of as many people as possible and, hopefully, benefit them financially, so they can continue their amazing work....

2, Show people how clever, opportunistic, manipulative and ruthless these monsters are and that they could be a family member, a close friend, a neighbour, etc....

3, Hopefully find some closure for myself and, most importantly...

4, If we can prevent at least just one child from having to suffer the physical pain, humiliation, nightmares and despair I had to endure. This alone, will make it all worth while, regardless of how much time, effort and cost is involved.

There are some wonderful actors all keen to support this project but there are costs that need to be covered, including Travel, Accommodation, Catering, Costumes, Make-up, equipment and more. However, as the actors and crew are giving their time for free, the required funds are not excessive.

Please show your support to Justice and help to support a worthy cause and, most of all, help to protect our children.

My deepest, heartfelt, most sincere thanks.


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