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by Jump Ship Brewing in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 24th October 2019 we successfully raised £15,335 with 172 supporters in 28 days

Jump ship and join us on our mission to raise the bar on alcohol-free drinking, brewing world-class beers at less than 0.5% ABV.

by Jump Ship Brewing in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We've got two more fantastic beers that we want to launch as soon as we can - something for those of you who prefer an ale, or a beer with a bit of zing. These extra funds will help us test the recipes at production scale, and get to work on the packaging design. More choice, less alcohol, what's not to love?

Welcome aboard!

Sun’s over the yardarm, sailor. It’s time to Jump Ship from the mainstream and discover a whole new world of alcohol-free drinking. We're crowdfunding to enable us to scale up our production and get our awesome beers into the hands of lovely people like yourselves.

I love beer. I love sailing. I don’t like hangovers.

I tasted my first beer moments after my first rugby match. I’d made a try-saving tackle that helped win us the game and the team captain brought in a jug of ale to celebrate. There and then I decided that not even the finest champagne could beat the flavour of a freshly-pulled pint. 

My other passion, sailing, has taken me to various corners of the world, allowing me to pursue a lifelong ambition to taste as many amazing beers as possible.

As life has got busier, enter three children, dog and busy job, I’ve struggled to find any decent alternatives for those days when I want the full-flavoured, refreshing taste of beer, minus the alcohol and the fuzzy head.

So, I ‘jumped ship’ from my day job and set off on a voyage of discovery to help more people enjoy great-tasting beer without the booze.

And it’s not just about the beer, I want to launch a business that gives back, and does its bit for our people and our planet. We're committed to giving at least 10% of our profits to charities and are working to brew our beers as sustainably as possible.

The journey so far

It’s been a steep learning curve! There’s a reason there are so few decent alcohol-free beers on the market, it's blooming difficult to get right. We don’t have the budget for expensive bits of brewing kit, so instead are relying on traditional brewing methods to coax the yeast along to produce as much flavour as possible, without the alcohol. All the beers we produce are less than 0.5% ABV, that's about the same alcohol content as a large ripe banana.

“The best alcohol-free lager I’ve tasted” Stuart Elkington, Drydrinker.com

We smashed it at the development stage, producing a crisp refreshing lager with lovely zing of malt and hops. A bit darker than your average lager, with a greater depth of flavour too. Stuart Elkington, founder of one the UK’s biggest alcohol-free online retailers, described it as the best he’s tasted. And we have some of Edinburgh’s top craft beer pubs and independent retailers ready to stock it.

As well as being alcohol-free, our first beer is also vegan and gluten-free, so there really isn't a reason now why anyone can't enjoy a great beer. We’re also determined to brew our beer here in Scotland, home of so many great craft breweries.

Scaling up

After a couple of false starts – scaling up from 100 litres to 2000 litres is fraught with difficulty, especially when brewing a beer as complicated and finicky as ours – we’re now ready to move to full production.

We’re looking for funding to help cover the cost of our first production and get our beer to market. With the amazing support of RBS Back Her Business, we'll receive up to £5,000 towards our target, if we can raise £5,000 from our crowd. That means more money in the pot for a launch party to celebrate with you, our amazing supporters. We've pulled together some awesome Jump Ship swag to tempt you.

Trusty shipmates

It’s been a tough journey so far, with tears and sweat (fortunately no blood) shed along the way. As much as about raising funds, this campaign is about recruiting a band of trusty shipmates, ready to join us to raise the bar on alcohol-free drinking. Delighted to have you aboard!

Thank you


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£20 or more

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6 cans of Jump Ship

We'll deliver you 6 cans of our first production of Jump Ship and you can be one of the first to discover how good a 0.5% ABV beer can be.

£15 or more

Launch party

Join us to celebrate the launch of Jump Ship with lots of free beer, food and music here in Edinburgh. There ain't no party like a Jump Ship party...

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6 cans of Jump Ship and branded T shirt

Be the first to sport one of our organic, fair-wear cotton t-shirts and enjoy 6 cans of refreshing Jump Ship beers.

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Party starter

Everything you need for a great night - 6 cans of Jump Ship, a branded organic, fair-wear t-shirt, and invite to our launch party here in Edinburgh.

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Stock up: a case of 24 Jump Ship beers

Get ready for the party season with 24 cans of your new favourite 0.5% ABV beer.

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Jump Ship hoodie, party invite and 12 beers

Cosy up in our 100% organic cotton, fair-wear Jump Ship hoodie and enjoy 12 cans of our amazing beers. If you can tear yourself away from the sofa, we'll add in a launch party invite too.

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The whole kit and caboodle

Get ready to be a super ship mate, with organic, fair wear Jump Ship T shirt and hoodie, 12 cans of beer and an invite to our launch party.

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A year's supply of Jump Ship beer

Could 2020 be your best year ever? Starting out with a case of 24 cans of Jump Ship delivered each month is a great start. You'll be the first to receive our latest releases, and enjoy a flavour packed array of 0.5% ABV ales and lagers. As one of our our most committed supporters, you'll also receive a T shirt, hoodie, party invite and captain's hat. Welcome aboard!

£1,500 or more

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Admiral's Table

Join our Beer Admiral, Sonja Mitchell, for an exclusive private dining experience for you and up to seven of your guests aboard Fingal, a luxury yacht hotel moored in Leith. We'll take you on a tasting tour of some of the most exciting new alcohol-free drinks, and enjoy a delicious four course meal. Hear from the founder on the Jump Ship story so far. All guests will receive an exclusive goodie bag to take home.

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