JourneyMEN - Help For Men's Mental Health

by Phil Roberts in Birkenhead, England, United Kingdom

JourneyMEN - Help For Men's Mental Health


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JourneyMEN aims to save lives that would otherwise be lost to suicide or escalations to mental health crises.

by Phil Roberts in Birkenhead, England, United Kingdom

About JourneyMEN

JourneyMEN was started by Phil Roberts, who after 17 years with the Police, saw the need for an early intervention service to prevent, rather than just react to, suicides and men's mental health crises. He created JourneyMEN, whose aim is to provide an early intervention service that not only works with all agencies and services in our community, but actively channels men to our network before reaching crisis point. 


  • To save lives.1620388316_phil_and_paul.jpeg
  • To rebuild lives & divert life chances to more positive outcomes.
  • To improve the mental health journey for our registered men
  • To reduce financial and resource burden on first responders (police, fire, ambulance services).
  • To provide a joined up referral service for NHS professionals.
  • To provide a joined up ‘one stop shop’ for our registered men to access mental health services they need.
  • To be a pillar of our community.

Services we provide for our men

  • 1620388391_processed.jpegOne to one BCAP certified counselling
  • Weekly phone calls
  • Walk & Talks
  • Sea fishing trips
  • Canal boat trips
  • A gardening club
  • Friday afternoon Zoom chats
  • Training courses


"I have worked 24 years in care and JourneyMEN is the best organisation I have ever seen. What you have achieved in less than 12 months is frankly remarkable" - Paul Kros

"When I was at my lowest I went to JourneyMEN as I needed help. I was feeling worthless and suicidal after experiencing domestic abuse 1620388667_birkenhead_park_bridge_wnt.jpegand violence for many years."  - anonymous1620390423_thumbnail_processed1.jpeg

"Counselling here, keeps me on an even keel. People tell me I have changed, and I am no longer the angry man I was...."  - anonymous

 "As a man I tend to bottle things up, all men think they are like, “John Wayne” and we can't show our emotions. When men are abused they tend not to talk about it." - anonymous


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