Alexander Chapman Campbell - Journey to Nidaros

by Alexander Chapman Campbell - composer and pianist in Scottish Highlands

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Support Alexander to record 'Journey to Nidaros', an album of captivating piano music composed during an inspirational trek across Norway.

by Alexander Chapman Campbell - composer and pianist in Scottish Highlands

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The target was based on the minimum needed for recording and promoting the album. Now we can add some exciting extras. Any further money raised will go towards recording a video, further promotion and the tour. (All concerts for the Summer 2018 tour will be FREE!)

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“I’m looking for your support to record my third album, inspired by a very special journey I took alone on foot through an ancient Norwegian landscape.”

The Inspiration behind Journey to Nidaros

In the summer of 2015, British composer Alexander Chapman Campbell spent five weeks walking a 650km ancient pilgrimage route in Norway. He was looking for solitude, wilderness and time away from the piano. But it didn’t quite go to plan.

"It was supposed to offer me a break from music. I had no expectation of playing or even seeing a piano. But something amazing happened on that journey and it turned out to be the most creative five weeks of my life.”

By chance, wherever Alexander went, however remote, pianos appeared. “The first place I stayed in had four pianos,” he recalls.

Alexander found himself pouring out music, inspired by the beauty of the landscape around him. Over the five weeks of walking, he took any opportunity he could to play; in churches, halls or people's homes. From Alexander's journal:

9 July, Day 17, Rondane Mountains: "I went to the piano, feeling a bit lost and challenged by the journey. But the music began to work. There was a lot of emotion behind it. I played with my eyes closed. Ideas came and something began to emerge.” 

Alexander used his rare ability to memorise music instantly after he has composed it. He carried all of the music in his head and heart until he returned home and was able to write it down. The result is Journey to Nidaros, a beautiful collection of piano music inspired by his journey from Oslo to Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

Photo Credits Hugh Carswell

About Alexander

Alexander Chapman Campbell is a British composer and pianist who has forged a unique musical path for himself. Born into a family of artists, he turned down a place to study music at university, instead choosing to focus on his own compositions which had been such a natural part of him since his early teens.

His music has become known for its striking beauty. Described by ClassicFM as "refreshingly original”, his first album Sketches of Light was selected as Album of the Week in 2013 and has since been aired widely across radio and TV.

In 2016 he self-released Portraits of Earth, his second album, dedicated "to the beautiful place we all share; the living world we call Earth". It was the highest new entry in the classical charts at number 15 on its week of release, and continues to enchant listeners.

Alexander lives in a quiet corner of the North-East of Scotland where he spends his days composing, writing, teaching piano and composition, and walking  in his native Highlands.

The Rewards

As a thank you for backing this campaign Alexander is offering you exclusive downloads, signed CDs, prints of the album artwork, hand-written manuscripts, a private concert or even your own personally commissioned piece of music. Many of the rewards are highly limited, so get in quick.

To get multiple rewards from those on offer, simply make additional pledges and select a different reward each time.

UK postage included on all pledges. Please contact us via the email below for details on overseas postage.

Why Alexander needs your support

Having self-funded, released and toured his previous, acclaimed album Portraits of Earth, Alexander now needs your help to record and release his third album, Journey to Nidaros. By backing this campaign you will be helping to cover the upfront costs of recording and promoting the album. 

With your vital financial and energetic backing, Alexander plans to reach new audiences.

"Together we can bring these new compositions to life and spread them far and wide. You'll be the first to hear them and I'm excited to be offering a range of unique rewards in appreciation of your continued support."

How will the money be invested? (Figures based on previous costings, quotes and rounded)

Recording and Production: Alexander is planning to record Journey to Nidaros with acclaimed producer/engineer Philip Hobbs. Having recorded his previous two albums, the pair have a great relationship and Phil guarantees to capture the natural sound of the piano within a beautiful space.  £4,500

Promotion: Alexander's wife, Megan, handled all promotion and press for Alexander's 30 venue tour of Portraits of Earth. To take his music to the next level, they will now be enlisting the help of a carefully-selected professional PR company. £3,000  

Video: If the target is reached, then a stretch target will be created with all funds going towards creating a music video

Contact Alexander

If you have any queries or questions, please email: [email protected]  

 Album Artwork by Alexander's brother Edward 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

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EXCLUSIVE TRACK - Digital download of a composition composed exclusively for supporters of this crowdfunding campaign.

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DIGITAL ALBUM DOWNLOAD of Journey to Nidaros, including bonus track exclusive to pledgers. All in advance of the release date!

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CD ALBUM of Journey to Nidaros delivered to your door in advance of the release date. Includes digital album download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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SIGNED CD ALBUM of Journey to Nidaros delivered to your door in advance of the release date. Includes digital album download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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SIGNED SHEET MUSIC book for Journey to Nidaros. Includes bonus track download exclusive to pledgers.

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TWO SIGNED CD ALBUMS BUNDLE - Journey to Nidaros PLUS Portraits of Earth (both signed) delivered to your door in advance of CD release. Includes digital album download of Journey to Nidaros plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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SIGNED CD + YOUR NAME IN ALBUM SLEEVE - Have your name printed in the CD booklet sleeve notes as a special thanks from Alexander. The signed Journey to Nidaros CD will be delivered to your door in advance of the release date. Includes digital album download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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MOUNTED ART PRINT (SIGNED) of the CD cover art work. This beautiful Norwegian forest is painted by Alexander's brother Edward. The print will be signed by both brothers. Includes bonus track download exclusive to pledgers.

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NIDAROS BUNDLE DEAL - Signed CD with your name in the sleeve*, signed sheet music, and a signed mounted cover art print. Includes digital album download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers. *Let us know if you'd prefer your name not to be printed.

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HAND WRITTEN PENCIL MUSIC SCORE - Beautiful and exclusive (each one individually written out by Alexander!) of the title track from Journey to Nidaros. Includes signed copy of CD album delivered to your door, digital album download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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a) MUSICAL TALK or b) CREATIVE CONSULTATION- a) 1hr talk by Alexander on the mysteries of music. Travel costs covered by Pledger unless date coincides with UK tour (July 2018) OR b) 3hr session with Alexander to provide feedback and inspiration on your musical composition. Suitable for both experienced and novice composers. Can be held in person (travel costs as option a) or via a series of email and phone conversations. Includes free signed CD.

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PERSONAL CONCERT - Special birthday or anniversary coming up? Or a school, charity/organisation that would love a concert? Invite as many people as you like to your home/venue, but please make sure there is a decent piano in tune (no electric keyboards but uprights are fine!) Travel costs covered by Pledger unless date coincides with UK tour (July 2018). Includes signed copy of album, digital download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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COMMISSIONED COMPOSITION & COMMISSIONED ARTWORK - All benefits of £1000 reward PLUS a framed print of artwork to beautifully accompany the music. Artwork by Alexander's brother Edward who is a professional artist* The brothers would work together to produce music and art inspired by your theme/idea. A unique opportunity for a Chapman Campbell double! *

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

COMMISSIONED COMPOSITION - After discussing a theme/inspiration with Alexander, he will then compose a unique piece of music just for you! Great as a special gift. The music score will be printed as a beautiful sheet music booklet as well as hand written by Alexander, with a message of your choice. Includes signed copy of CD album, digital album download plus bonus track exclusive to pledgers.

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