Financial bridge until I find work.

by Josie Oriana in London, England, United Kingdom

Financial bridge until I find work.


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I completed my MA! Hooray! I am so excited & proud of myself! I am vigorously looking for work & I need to pay bills until I start working.

by Josie Oriana in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear friends and strangers, 

I hope this message finds you well.    

I am a recent graduate student foraging for work and outlets for my creative practises. I require financial assistance. 

This journey to accomplish my dreams of getting my degrees has been a torrid journey. I have learned more about myself than the subjects I have studied in my BA and MA combined. I completed both my BA and my MA during the pandemic. Some of the trials I have encountered appeared impossible; however, I worked hard on my mental health by staying in therapy and doing my best to keep my physical health. Those goals helped keep me in school and achieve high marks on my projects. I started a group to keep the members of my MA program together, and we plan to begin a monthly online publication.  Now I am looking for work, outlets for the plays I have written and am writing, applying for funding for my marionette projects, and seeking out PhD opportunities for the future. In the meantime, I need funding for rent, bills, transportation, food, caring for my dog, Visa application, and other basic needs. Please send this link out to share with others. I do not know who can help, but it could be anyone. 

Thank you kindly for your support and kindness!

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