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by Big Brother Watch in London, England, United Kingdom

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On 31st March 2022 we successfully raised £240,400 with 7682 supporters in 360 days

Big Brother Watch is crowdfunding for our campaign and legal challenge to stop divisive & discriminatory COVID passports.

by Big Brother Watch in London, England, United Kingdom

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Fi 3rd March 2022

Legislation must be in place to prevent any future government introducing them. They must be outlawed in all situations. No circumstances must be considered exceptional. No premises may be allowed to use them eg workplaces, schools, unis, etc

Claire Bennett 10th February 2022

Elin Jones MS is not supportive or receptive to my requests to drop this and sees them as useful. Many young people only got ‘vaccinated’ so they could go out in the evenings - they have been coerced.

mike.barson 10th February 2022

Government should be for the benefit of the people not corporations, transparency should be for government actions not ordinary people.

Sarah Walker 3rd February 2022

Covid passes are a totally unnecessary and divisive control. Discrimination and segregation of the population is not welcome in our society and is far more dangerous than covid. Thank you Big Brother Watch.

Elizabeth Mann 25th January 2022

This campaign is so important. What we're seeing with the vaccination passports - we should be very worried. History should show us the road we're going down.

Ondine Bult 23rd January 2022

Welsh Government please stop and listen. Vaccinating doesn't stop the spread of covid, neither will passes. Stop throttling your own economy with policies that make no sense. Please.

David Marney 21st January 2022

I doubt the battle is over, we need to keep pushing and inform more people of the tactics employed like suppressing early treatment options and pushing unproven measures on people like masks that cause huge problems for society in my opinion. Even if vax passes reduced the spread they would be wrong in my opinion, but it seems they do not anyway.

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