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Started on 17th May 2024 Farnham Rd, Slough SL2 1BT, UK

Who are we?

'Fascia' is one of the body's connective tissues, but it is so much more!  Take a look at to find out what we're all about.

The Fascia Hub is a practice-led, educational forum created with the aim of bringing together the global fascia community – open to all.  We run the British Fascia Symposium every two years - originally in-person, but since 2020 we have been online, getting first class education about fascia and the body to our global followers who are primarily complementary therapists, health practitioners, those from medical/paramedical modalities, and movement educators. The BFS has always adopted a health-related charity, and this year we are fundraising for Interact Stroke Support.

We ran a free webinar on 23rd May, generously given by Eric Franklin of The Franklin Method. 1715938248_eric-headshot.jpg This movement webinar is designed for therapists and movement educators and is titled: Franklin Method® | Pelvic fascia training with imagery and embodiment.  Go to the link to find out more and get your ticket - there is free entry to this online event so please book in and join us.  You can join in until 19th June. Access to the recordings ends 20th June.

This event is a fundraiser - whether you join the webinar or not, please support a brilliant charity that sends professional actors into hospitals to read to stroke patients. They also interact online with patients in their own homes. They bring engagement, companionship and laughter to people at a time when they need support.  Here is some of the feedback they have had: 

“It removed me from the status of being a patient and made me feel more equal and human. Felt I was a person again and not a patient.” 

At a group read: “You encouraged us to chat together, I loved you reading to us.”

“It enabled me to meet people on the ward that are not my carers and not in a uniform.”

“As a patient we can lose our identity. Interact helped me regain it.”

“Very good, I laughed so much.”

This charity is supported by actors such as:  Peter Capaldi, Bill Paterson, Alison Peebles, Liz Lochead, Owen Teale, Ciaran Hinds, Adrian Dunbar and Tara Mackie.



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20th June 2024 at 11:31am

Thankyou for arranging this support and thank you Eric!

Vivienne Worrall
20th June 2024 at 11:30am

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