John Urquhart for Cardiff West

by John Urquhart in Cardiff, , United Kingdom

John Urquhart for Cardiff West
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I want to speak up for the people of my constituency - in OUR own words. Please support my campaign to be the MP for Cardiff West.

by John Urquhart in Cardiff, , United Kingdom

Hi. I'm John, and you can read our election manifesto here. Or you can keep reading here!


Original text preserved below for those curious about the campaign.

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You probably haven't heard of me.

But I like to muck in. I'm the founder of a political party called Harmony - though for now, I'm standing as an independent. We're not your usual political party - our biggest spend so far is close to £5,000 distributed via a solidarity fund called the Emergency Payment Fund.

Our core ethos is direct democracy. So the first order of business is building local assemblies - local assemblies which will directly inform what I do as your elected MP. 

They'll speak, I'll repeat.

I need your support to challenge the status quo - because the status quo isn't cutting it. 

The cost of living crisis means many of us just can't afford to eat - let alone heat when next winter arrives.

We need voices in Parliament who are living the difficulty.

I'm not a suit.

I'm not rich, and even if I'm elected, I'll give away most of my salary to mutual aid projects locally.

I don't have powerful donors.

And you may never have heard of me at all - though it's possible you've heard me, if you've been marching with us every Saturday for a free Palestine.

But these are advantages. I don't wear suits because I live on Universal Credit: I know how the cost of living crisis has bitten us all because I've lived it with you. I'm not rich because I'm disabled; I know what it means to struggle to survive every day.

And I know how, "down here", we fight for each other every day too.

I want to take that fight to the highest places. I want to fight your fight - in the Commons.

But I don't want it to be my interpretation. I don't want it to be my voice alone. I want you stood alongside me in the Commons - not in person, but in spirit.

That's why we're establishing multiple assemblies in Cardiff West - open access, open participation assemblies that YOU will be able to speak out in. And those assemblies will determine what I focus on in the Commons. 

That's what I'll offer: direct access to your representative, always.

I'm not standing for a party you've heard of. I'm standing as an independent.

But I do have the backing of a party: Harmony. I founded Harmony, and we're committed to putting compassion first. We think pragmatism is only pragmatic when it actually helps people: we make decisions based on reduction of suffering, not optics.

The assemblies we'll be building together will not only decide my focuses as your MP, but will also work to make change in our constituency right away: through activism - through direct action - through just collaborating to make it happen.

I'm not like other politicians. I don't want to do it tomorrow.

Together, we can start changing Cardiff West - today.

Please consider giving - no matter how little.

Please note that I cannot accept anonymous donations over £50. Any anonymous donation totalling greater than £50 will be returned.

Promoted by John Urquhart of 42 Jackson Road, Cardiff, CF5 4PX. 

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