Joelec NHS COVID-19 NHS staff support

by Joel Patterson in Accrington, England, United Kingdom

Joelec NHS COVID-19 NHS staff support

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Joelec would like to expand our existing ‘Communities together’ programme to include NHS staff throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

by Joel Patterson in Accrington, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 7th May 2020 we'd raised £10 with 1 supporters in 14 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Joelec are a small electrical company working throughout the North West. The communities in which we work are at the heart of what we do and during the Covid-19 pandemic every single member of our team is assisting the NHS and supporting where we can.

Joelec currently operates a ‘Communities together’ programme. This programme sets out to raise funds for use towards emergency callouts and repairs for the elderly and vulnerable in the community. We find that our programme really helps those who are struggling to make ends meet with only their pensions to live off, and who simply could not afford critical electrical repairs without the programme support.

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic our NHS staff do outstanding work and Joelec would like to extend our ‘Communities together’ programme to NHS staff for at least the next three months. During this critical time it is essential that our frontline workers have access to electrical appliances such as;

• Electric showers - Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our frontline workers. Not only is this essential for basic hygiene reasons but it is now essential for safety reasons to wash any contamination away. Cold showers should not be a reality for our frontline NHS staff, nor should the worry of cost of repair.

•Electric cookers - Ensuring frontline workers have access to a hot meal when they return home after their shift. Frontline NHS workers have enough to worry about without the worry of their cooker not working properly or even at all! Help us fix it for them!

• Heating and power - Ensure frontline workers stay warm and have a good nights rest between shifts. Sleeping in a cold room, or going without power because they don’t know what is wrong and can’t afford a repair is the last thing they need right now! Help us cover the cost and get them a good nights rest and get their power back on so they can charge their phone and talk to their families.

Obviously all this costs money, especially in terms of spare parts and equipment! In order to be able to support our frontline workers we need your help. Even donating the cost of your daily coffee will help us on our way to achieving our target so we can include our deserving NHS staff!

To help us on our way, Joelec will match the first £5000 in donations! This means if you donate £10, so will we to make it £20!

Any donations that are not used for NHS staff support will be added to the standard ‘Communities together’ programme after July 31 2020. For more information on our Communities together programme please visit:

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