Jades Garden

by Francesca Rebecca in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Jades Garden

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This aims to raise the money to fund a memorial garden for Jade in Bristol, to mark the first anniversary of her passing.

by Francesca Rebecca in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th June 2020 we'd raised £3,077 with 117 supporters in 25 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Wow, cannot quite believe in a matter of hours how much we raised- with so many rewards left, and so many rewards still too drop. If we are honest, the first target was a little under what we need so let's go for the best garden we can. 

With £1800 we can achieve so much, not just basic planting but we can really choose the best bench, pathway, plants and look into so more detailed and effective bug hotels, animal attracting planters and even look at potentially some big, big, ideas. 

Jade sadly passed away on July 9th 2019 and to make the anniversary we want to create a memorial garden full of her favourite plants and a haven for wildlife that she loved so much. After such a tragic event we want this memorial garden to be a beautiful space that brings joy to anyone who visits. Those who knew her, and those that didn’t.

Jade touched so many lives and was a truly special human who brought laughter and smiles to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting her. Jade adored nature and wildlife, she always found the time to stop and enjoy anything she stumbled upon. This garden will embody all the things she loved so much about nature to a spot in Bristol.

Fran is currently working closely with Bristol Council to confirm the location, the size, and landscaping plans but the bigger the budget the better the garden. The outline plans include bee and butterfly friendly wildflower patches, a tree, a path to a bench with a memorial plaque, and raised flower beds. 


We have been kindly gifted generous reward packages by people who knew and loved Jade. These amazingly talented friends have spent time and money creating them and we want to say a huge thank you again, to every contributor - it means so much. Of course, we are still accepting any other pounds, pennies, or gifts for reward packages as donations to raise as much money as possible.

This is a non-profit organisation, in which all the proceeds raised will go to funding the garden. If any additional money is raised and not used there will be a poll for additional charities to receive any additional funds not spent.

Please keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page for photos of the bundles, and more exciting reward packages which will be dropping over the next couple of months. 


Love and Jadie hugs xoxox


In the coming weeks and months, we will be trying to raise as much money as possible to contribute towards this development so if anybody is interested in fundraising or becoming a volunteer and getting your hands dirty, please contact [email protected]


This project offered rewards

£4 or more

Buy Sunflowers for Jade's garden

This reward buys a bag of sunflower seeds to be sown in the garden.

£3 or more

Jades Garden Lighter

Limited Edition Jades Garden Lighter

£5 or more

I don't want to go Insane Zine Issue 2

The second Issue of Lucy Pearce's 'I don't want to go Insane' Magazine. This Issue was dedicated to Jade, and included artists from across the globe who are dealing with mental health and expressing it through poetry, art, illustration, collage and more. This will be posted by Lucy herself to any purchases.

£6 or more

Contribute to the Bug Hotel for the garden

Contribute the materials needed for the Bug Hotel.

£7 or more

Bristol Germ Mag (Issue II or Issue III) + badge

Issue II or Issue III - one of each available includes postage.

£13 or more

Rowan Allen Postcard Print Bundle

5 limited edition Rowan Allen Postcard Prints bundle. These are 5 original 35mm Rowan prints, including one photo of Jade from Glastonbury 2019 and posted with love. These photos were selected by Rowan

£13 or more

Reward Two Tshirts - LICE, YOWL X2 or SPECTRE

Please select one of the options, check the FB for photos all t-shirts are a large. £13 gets you one t-shirt from the selection. there is only one of each t-shirt available. If there is any confusion or you need more information please contact Fran on FB

£16 or more

Merch Bundle 8

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records, Mildlife and Scalping. Scalping Red Tshirt (size medium) 12" Mildlife Remix 'How long does it take'

£2 or more

Jades Garden Pencil

Limited Edition Jades Garden Pencil. Natural pencil colour with rubber and foil stamped Jades Garden

£3 or more

Buy Bedding plants for Jade's Garden

This reward buys two bedding plants for the garden

£4 or more

Jades Garden Mini Keyring

25mm (1 inch) full colour keyring - sunflower design with Jades Garden, a flat back with keyring on the reverse.

£5 or more

Buy a bag of soil for Jade's garden

This reward buys one large bag of soil for the garden.

£5 or more

Buy flowers for the garden

Buy a pack of Bluebell Bulbs or Daffodils or Snowdrops for the garden

£10 or more

Heavenly Records Tote Bag

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records. Heavenly Records Bird Canvas Tote Bag

£10 or more

Elise Wee Mug

This is donated from Elise Wee Studio. Handmade stoneware clay mug from Elise's Devon pottery studio, glazes may vary. These will be created on Elise' wheel in her studio as soon as lockdown restrictions lift, this means delivery may be affected but likely to be August 2020.

£10 or more

URKT Tote Bag

This tote is kindly donated from the duo at URKT. Limited Edition, unavailable to purchase Black URKT Canvas Tote Bag with yellow print and may include a bonus extra.

£13 or more

Jamie Thomas Wooden Bumble Bee Chopping Board

This is donated from Jamie Thomas' bespoke hand made, hand-designed, Ash and Sepele chopping board with hand-carved bumble bee inlay. These are limited editions designed and created for this. This will be finished after lockdown when Jamie can return to his wood studio, therefore delivery will depend on lockdown restrictions but likely to be August 2020.

£14 or more


Yowl 12" Vinyl EP ATROPHY red ruby colour

£15 or more

Merch Bundle 6

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records, The Death of Pop, Hidden Bay Records, D Dent, LICE. The Death of Pop Gardens Tshirt - (s/m/l) 7" Doug Paisley D Dent Sticker LICE mug

£15 or more

Cut Cups pair

Dorset based cut cups have donated pairs of glass cut cups. Please note that the Cut Cups are hand cut and hand sanded, with each one made from used bottles, therefore a unique and individual piece. Please expect irregular sides/heights, nuances and every item to catch the light differently. *Your Cut Cups will be packaged and protected pre posting. We cannot accept responsibility for loss/damage in transit.

£16 or more

Merch Bundle 4

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records, Leeches and LICE. Leeches 'Fosters' Tshirt (sizes available) 12" Working Mens Club 'Teeth' LICE Mug

£18 or more


Spectres Vinyl 12" - The crying boy cover

£20 or more

Merch Bundle 3

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records and Leeches. Leeches 'Fosters' Tee Large 7" LICE 'The Human Parasite' 7" Big Kids 'Im Bored & Too Much Baby'

£20 or more

Heavy Lungs Bundle 1

This includes items kindly donated by Heavy Lungs. Heavy Lungs Anvil Grey Tote, 12" Measure EP and Measure T-Shirt in Large

£25 or more

Heavy Lungs Bundle 2

This includes items kindly donated by Heavy Lungs. Heavy Lungs Anvil Cream Tote, 12" Measure EP and Black Hayden T-Shirt in Large

£30 or more

Heavenly Vinyl Bundle 1

This bundle contains items donated from heavenly records. 12” LP Confidence Man ‘Confident Music for Confident People’ with download code. 12” LP The Orielles ‘Silver Dollar Moment’

£35 or more

Merch Bundle 5

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records, Scalping and LICE. Scalping Longsleeve Yellow Tshirt (variant sizes available) 12" LICE 'It all worked out great' 7" East Village 'Circles'

£40 or more

Merch Bundle 1

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records, LICE, Katy J Pearson, Lazarus Kane, D Dent. Frame not included. Black LICE mug with box KJP Tonight Tote Lazarus Kane handwritten lyrics D Dent Life's Hard Mixtape One and Sticker Anna Burch 12" LP Quit the Curse

£50 or more

Buy a Plaque for Jades Bench

There will be a bench in Jade's garden and this reward offers you to have a personal message added to the bench next to Jade's Memorial plaque. You will be contacted via email regarding what message you would like added and this will be in metal screwed to the back of the bench. (the message will need to be agreed together, nothing rude)

£60 or more

Merch Bundle 2

This music merchandise bundle includes all items kindly donated from Heavenly Records, The Death of Pop, Katy J Pearson, D Dent. 1 Size Large KJP Tonight long sleeve Tshirt 12" LP Baxter Dury ' The Night Chances' 12" Boy Azooga 'Boy 1,2 Kung Fu' Tape The Death of Pop '6' Heavenly Recordings 30years Iron-on Patch D Dent Artist Sticker

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