RCN 1104075, Gosport

We aim to relieve poverty and hardship by supplying e.g furniture of all kinds,clothing,bedding packs,kitchen packs to those in need working with local Authorities.We collect daily donated items of furniture it is then sorted at our project and redistributed out to our clients,we work in Hampshire/southcoast supporting families.more recently we have visited ukraine taking over 90 tonne of aid out to them. we run two foodbanks one for the elderly , soup kitchen,packed lunch clubs,free school uniforms,christmas events,we supply low cost storage solutions, cleances,removals.


1687263601_rogan_recieves_mayor_award.jpgThanks for taking the time to read our story. Jacobs well is a non profit (registered)family run charity started by Angela & Stuart Pottinger in the 1990s now with five generations all working here, the youngest our great grandson Rogan has a condition called CDLS he is our charity child ambasidor he runs several schemes each year for local children,Rogan was presented with the Gosport Mayor Award last year , for his work in the pandemic . based at our large warehouse in Gosport. for the past 12 years this has been our home.we have been established over 30 years in Gosport Hampshire, collecting,selling and delivering low cost furniture from all around the south coast, to be sold at a low cost or in referral cases no cost. we have several different projects set up including,free school uniforms for local families,a foodbank and soup kitchen, an elderly only foodbank, free packed lunch club , christmas events were we supply toys ,and food free for christmas last year we helped over 250 families at this event. we provide storage solutions to families facing hardship ,examples of this, peple fleeing domestic abuse and having to store their furniture,losing their homes through repossession, we provide removals,clearances example berevment, we work with local schools colleges, social services,councils,navy charities,hospitals,support workers,mental health teams.,recovering adicts,work experience, teens struggling with the pressure of mainstream schools we aim to provide a safe working space for all. recently we collected,sorted and organised transport for over 900 tonne of aid for ukraine, myself and my daughter lorraine have visited there 3 times last year , one of our managers (Ian) spent a week delivering aid to the soldiers on front line in ukraine. 1687264143_christmas_2022.jpg1687265100_1687265100108.png1687266024_1687266023420.jpeg1687265778_1687265778015.jpeg1687257002_founders.jpgoap tea partyshowroom


 we are now at a critical juncture at the charity ,the building we have occupied for the past 12 years is up for sale !! we are doing what we can but need your help to raise funds so we can purchase our building , we have worked hard to build one of  the largest foodbank in gosport ( supporting over 700 families),and to fill the warehouse with storage boxes,a free uniform shop,a new kitchen for hot meals & A vast showroom with lots of amazing re- use furniture (saving thousands of tonnes going to landfill) we employ 11 people  and have  many fab volunteers, our longest volunteer is david hes been with us 15 years & has a condition called downs syndrome jacobs well gives him a sence of great purpose and he is a huge part of the family here we are blessed to have him working alongside us. If we can not secure enough funds this could all be lost , for us a one off family charity everything is on the line .if you can support us in anyway no matter how small it relly will make a huge difference to many people facing hardship especially at this time with the cost of living crisis here in the uk .

 we have so many ideas for future projects including a elderly hub so the lovely elderly people who use our foodbank can come and meet up in the warm for a cuppa a friendly chat and maybe a slice of cake too. we would like to start a lego club for young adults with learning difficulties, a cooking club and  make do and mend sessions in our workshop. if we could stay here there are so many more projects we could undertake all aimed to help our community who are counting on us .


"Jacobs Well, the name which brings smile and happiness on the faces. 

Although we are very new in the area, came from other country, since we joined, we feel we are part of this family.
The service you provide to people and the hardworking team is really appreciated. Great work and sense of humanity, and great job doing it as  well.  it brings a real change in people's lives."

"Jacobs Well, it has been amazing to our family, from helping us feed our family when we had just 1 earner in our house, especially during the covid lockdown months... made school uniforms so accessible for our kids without us having to worry about each new school year. And lovely clothes, too, do not look like handle downs, so it's a blessing to have a charity like Jacob's Well in our community🙏. Anonymous Gosport

" In 2015 I was housed by the council into emergency housing after living in a van for 6 months. This was as a result of fleeing from domestic abuse. Through the organisation supporting me at the time I was given funding for basic furniture needs. The day following receiving the keys, you delivered a double bed, single bed for my daughter, set of draws, sofa, TV unit. All had been supplied by yourselves after You Trust had requested it. All the items supplied were in good condition and enabled me to start to rebuild my life after losing everything. Since then I have often visited your store to furnish my flat further." Anonymous Gosport

" I would like to thank you for all the help you have given to me and my family over the years especially after we had our house fire and lost everything including all our furniture and clothes ect you helped us get back on our feet if it wasn't for the great help you gave us we wouldn't be where we are today please keep up the great work you do for the local community and beyond also the help we get from your store cupboard with food keeps food on our table at this difficult time thank you so much for the help keep up the great work ".Anonymous Gosport 1687256245_jacobs_well_pics_2.jpg