Mortal Engines Animation Project

by Jack Pratt in London, England, United Kingdom

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As part of my final year university project, my aim is to create a stop motion animation teaser trailer for Philip Reeve's 'Mortal Engines'.

by Jack Pratt in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Any person donating £50 will receive a deck of playing cards featuring work from the project, and all backers will receive an A3 poster of concept art. In terms of the project, I will aim to create one more scene featuring the pipeworks of London.

My name is Jack Pratt and I am a third year student studying BA (Hons) Set Design for Screen at Wimbledon College of Arts.

At Wimbledon I study all aspects of the artistic process that goes into the creation of projects for the screen, such as film, tv, music videos etc. and, in my final year, I have the opportunity to bring that all together into one, large project. For this, I have chosen to adapt 'Mortal Engines' by Philip Reeve into a short stop motion animation teaser trailer.

'Mortal Engines' is set in a dystopian future, in the aftermath of a nuclear war that as devastated the earth. Cities move around on gigantic tracks and airships roam the skies. The story follows a young boy named Tom Natsworthy, who lives aboard the traction city of London, and Hester Shaw, a girl from the 'out-country' seeking revenge for the death of her family.

So, what am I raising funds for? I will be creating a short teaser trailer, featuring original footage without the use of digital effects or green screen to keep it as authentic and genuine as possible. The trailer will feature an original soundtrack by Jack Francis, a friend of mine from college, to further emphasise this.

The money raised will be going towards the last wasteland sets needed to film the city of London, in addition to one last scene involving the airship. The money will be used to purchase materials to build the sets, along with various paints and finishes. 

This is so so important as the scenes with London encapture all that the Mortal Engines universe is, and to lose those would be a tragedy along with greatly reducing the quality of my final project.

Filming the '13th Floor Elevator', the very first scene of the trailer. A huge part of the project is to ensure that everything caught on camera is real, so there will be no special effects, visual effects or green screen.

I have already filmed a great amount involving the airship, 'The 13th floor Elevator', and the London model has been built and is ready to go. I have already done so much work, and with your help, I can realise the last pieces of the project.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to visit my page and read this. I hope you get on board with the project and are eager to see the final product! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

£5 Reward

A letter saying thank you for supporting the project!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A letter saying thank you for supporting the project, a postcard of concept art from the project and a link to the final trailer.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

All of the above plus an A3 poster of concept art from the project.

£50 or more

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£50 Reward

All of the above plus a memory stick containing the final trailer, behind the scenes video, and photos of the work gone into the project.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

All of the above plus a handmade, unique deck of playing cards featuring concept art and photos of the models used in the project.

£200 or more

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£200 Reward

All of the above plus a deck of Mechanist Playing Cards which I designed whilst at Wimbledon and the model of the lighter designed for Thaddeus Valentine, the novel's antagonist.

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