Jabbed Without Consent

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Jabbed Without Consent


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H explicitly said 'no' to her son receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. They jabbed him anyway. Help H's fight for justice.

by Consent Charity in United Kingdom

H's son, N, is 15 and attends a state secondary school. His case exemplifies all that can go wrong with the way Covid vaccines are administered in UK schools. From non-existent competent assessments to ignorance of any medical conditions or allergies.

H knew what she was doing when she refused consent for N having the Covid-19 vaccine. Not only did she make a reasonable and rational risk-benefit decision that would apply to most healthy children, her son also has allergies and an auto-immune disorder and carries an epipen. H wanted N's consultant to carry out a personalised risk assessment.

However, N is impulsive, with diagnosed behavioural issues. So on vaccination day he walks into the vaccination session, asks for the vaccine and receives it.

At 15 it could be argued that a minor can make this decision. The answer would depend on his maturity and ability to understand and weigh up the options and consequences. This should be established via a so-called Gillick assessment. He also needs to be given unbiased information. In other words not promotional material but balanced facts about risks from the vaccine, risks from the disease etc. Finally there must be no pressure or undue influence.

Which of the above did or did not happen is of course disputed. When our lawyers took up H's case, the medical records they were sent initially contained nothing about the vaccine being given. After further enquiries they received extra pages, previously omitted, including a retrospectively completed consent form claiming that N was Gillick assessed at the time.

This case has all the hallmarks of turning Gillick assessments into a formality and highlights the problems of mass medical interventions in schools. We want to continue to support H but  we can't do it without your support. With your donation our lawyers can get to the bottom of what happened and take appropriate legal action. We want to send a strong signal to NHS bodies and private contractors that parental consent in healthcare is not just 'nice to have' but essential to the safety and well-being of our children and that there will be consequences if this is ignored. 

H only wants the best for her son. She feels her careful considerations were recklessly overridden when N received the Covid-19 vaccine, seemingly with no questions asked.

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