It Might As Well Be April

by Dilara Ertem in Uxbridge, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Help us fund our debut heartfelt romantic drama short film, 'It Might as Well Be April', crafted by writer Oliver Smith. Thank you!

by Dilara Ertem in Uxbridge, Greater London, United Kingdom


An eccentric young woman with a passion for sound meets an uncertain faint-hearted man. As they navigate the highs and lows of life, they discover that, like the changing seasons, their relationship undergoes its own transformations.


WRITER/DIRECTOR: Oliver Turner Smith 

PRODUCER: Dilara Ertem


SOUND DESIGNER: Ignacio Mozo Ruiz 

EDITOR: Romy Salamoun 


Emma Lo as April 

Jack Hardman as Sam 

Callum Stewart as Stevie

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As final-year film students, our goal is to bring our creative vision to life with a heartfelt story. Led by writer Oliver Smith, we're a diverse group of aspiring filmmakers eager to make our mark in the industry. Your support will help fund our dissertation project, covering essential expenses such as locations, props, talent, and post-production. By backing us, you're not just supporting a film; you're investing in our journey to shape the future of filmmaking.

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More About The Film 


In the crisp embrace of Winter painted in shades of blue, April, a young girl full of aspirations, prepares to leave her house. A postman, Stevie, arrives to give April her post. Known to her, she becomes an unexpected companion during his deliveries, sparking a conversation about life’s twists and turns. She shares her ambitions with the Stevie, envisioning a job creating soundscapes in her near future. Realizing she’s running late, April rushes away. Simultaneously, we meet Sam, a young man navigating the aftermath of a recent breakup. Greeted by his friend Jack, he’s persuaded to step out of his emotional cocoon, although uncertain about his career path. As Sam ponders April dashes by, their eyes locking in a fleeting moment. 

Transitioning into Spring, flowers bloom, and the world is warmer. Sam, now temporarily taking over for Stevie, meets April again at her door, delivering her post. She joins him as she would with Stevie. The chemistry between April and Sam grows as they discuss their aspirations. The budding romance leads to moments—coffee dates, arcade games. Sam sketches April and April shows Sam her sound equipment.

Summer arrives, and Stevie is back on duty, The scorching weather confines April and Sam to mornings and evenings, spent scrolling through job posts and contemplating their future. 

As Autumn sets in, April invites Sam begin bridging the gap between their worlds. Sam delivers a letter to April. Before he can put it through, he notices someone is on the other side of the door. They talk for a bit, but Sam leaves not giving her the letter. On his way leaving, he runs into Stevie, who takes the letter from Sam. Upon receiving it April runs to meet Sam. The climax unfolds as they share a poignant sunset on the hill. 



It Might as Well be April is a great balance between light-hearted and reflective. The reflective tone sets the stage for a narrative that invites the audience into a contemplative journey. Blending elements of comedy and romance, the story unfolds with a charm, infusing humour into the reflective moments. The romantic thread weaves through the narrative, offering tender and emotional scenes. The characters navigate the nuances of love with a thoughtful approach, exploring the complexities of relationships. As laughter and romance intermingle, a subtle air of angst and maturity adds depth, giving the characters a real and relatable dimension. The script balances these elements, creating a great balance of reflection, comedy, romance, tenderness, emotion, thoughtfulness, and nuanced storytelling that promises to leave the audience both entertained and contemplative.





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