INTune Radio 24/7: Connecting Shropshire

by Richard Moreland in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom

INTune Radio 24/7: Connecting Shropshire


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INTune Radio helps Shropshire businesses, social enterprises, & charities have a zero-cost means to attract new opportunities & donations.

by Richard Moreland in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom

INTune Radio Shropshire: Re-connecting Business, Charity and Community 

INTune Radio is the only commercial radio station covering Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin with a mission to support local business, charities and communities. We started as a podcast when COVID took hold in 2020. Now we're broadcasting throughout the day and generating 40,000+ Facebook engagements a month. 

What we do

We broadcast frank, informative and light-hearted discussions on topics that affect our business community. We showcase the best established and emerging Shropshire bands. And we top it all off with a healthy dose of commercial music. Imagine Parky, John Peel, Jane Garvey and Calvin Harris - all rolled into one.

Our mix of professional and volunteer presenters broadcast content that inspires local businesses, charities, communities, and creatives. INTune Radio gives more businesses, social enterprises, and charities a zero-cost means to reach an engaged regional audience. Exposure on INTune Radio helps them attract new business, secure donations and fill employment and volunteering vacancies.

We also do really off-the-wall things like our CHARITY Space Odyssey. To raise awareness of the amazing work provided by our local charities in Shropshire, INTune Radio will be taking them into space for a three-hour journey with near space experts Sent Into Space. The event, scheduled for this autumn will be live streamed and heavily publicised to ensure maximum exposure.

Our vision

INTune Radio exists to:

  • Give a voice to local micro-businesses, social enterprises and charities who cannot afford paid advertising
  • Encourage start-ups, career changers and recovering businesses with practical advice over the air from expert community business leaders 
  • Create a supportive radio community among local people who find themselves isolated by the shift to homeworking
  • Promote emerging musicians and other creatives with an on-air performance space
  • Make a noise about our amazing country of Shropshire and all the great people and event we've got  

How you can help us:

Your support will help us sustain the number of broadcast hours we can produce, which means we can spotlight more great people and ideas to a growing Shropshire audience. Right now, we're looking to fund an ambitious project to broadcast LIVE in each of the 25 Shropshire towns later this year. We want to connect the county and shine a spotlight on all the amazing things that happen here.

we're looking to fund an ambitious 12-month project to broadcast live in each of 25 Shropshire towns beginning later this year. We want to connect the county and shine a spotlight on all the amazing things that happen here.

This funding will help us buy the equipment we need to be able to get into each of these communities over the course of the next year or so and spend time listening to and then telling their stories.

It’s so important that every part of Shropshire feels it has a voice and that businesses, charities, community groups and good causes have a champion shouting about the great work they do. That is at the heart of this appeal and at the heart of just what INTune Radio is.

So tune in to INTune now - and then donate what you can spare so we can do more to spotlight Shropshire business, charity and community activities. 

Who benefits?

INTune is different from other business networking forums, which are often dominated by established commercial enterprises. We continue to give a strong voice to isolated communities in Shropshire, one of England’s most sparsely populated areas. Our features about smaller villages publicise community events to bring people together after months of social distancing.

The pandemic starved performers of opportunities to play live. Our project will give creative artists a forum to showcase their talent and re-build their following. We will also offer paid and volunteering opportunities in media production.

Who are we?

The 24/7 project was conceived by the INTune Radio Board, headed by Shrewsbury-based branding expert Wayne Flynn and Voice Over Artist Deryn Oliver. They are supported by volunteer experts in radio production, charities and business development from the Shropshire community.1655476986_breakfast.jpg

Wayne and Deryn's Big Breakfast With Beats Show features inspiring guests, local bands, showtime, uplifting dance and the best of the 80s and 90s. Weekdays, 8am till 10am.


Alex Whiteley of local podcast 'The Shrewsbury Biscuit' lets you know what's happening locally, with a pick of international events, environment, technology as well as guest interviews and an eclectic music playlist. Weekdays, 10am till noon.


Local music producer Russell Gibb showcases local bands alongside an eclectic mix of classic indie, soft rock, mixed with local bands and interviews. Weekdays, noon till 2pm.


Cliff Pantling presents DriveTime, he'll get you home in style whether across town or chilling out from your home office. Cliff plays a selection of cult classics with new tracks. With a true cross section of great music you'll arrive home happy or be in the mood to go out in town.. Weekdays, 4pm till 6pm.


Dale Edwards heads your afternoon up in true INTune Radio beats style with a playlist stacked with the best house, dance disco and electro. Weekdays, 2pm till 4pm.

Community support for INTune Radio

We secured sponsorship and participation from many of Shropshire’s business community leaders through our regular presence in Shropshire Chamber of Commerce networking events. Feedback from Mrs Dean Harris JP, High Sheriff of Shropshire 2020/21 is representative of regional enthusiasm for our project:

"I can without hesitation and knowing what I now do about their aspirations, say that Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin would benefit from an independent, local radio station that truly reaches all of our communities across the whole county."

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