Into the Wild

by Into the Wild - Short Film in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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We would like to educate and use film to express how many people feel like an outsider in this ever changing world, with your help we can!

by Into the Wild - Short Film in Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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A young boy tells the story about an indigenous cowboy tribe kept from modern civilisation: a young cowboy from the tribe is tired of this lonesome life and travels for days in hopes of something knew. When he is met with an extravagant city known as Central London, how will he adapt?


 "Into the Wild”, is all about a young man, raised in a secluded valley where hunting is a rite of passage, he grapples with his inability and lack of desire to follow in his father's footsteps as a cowboy/countryman. Fuelled by tales of a world beyond the valleys, he sets out on a quest to discover his true identity, leaving behind his father's expectations. His journey leads him to the heart of London, where his cowboy persona clashes with urban society. The encounter with various individuals helps him realise that his path differs from the one set before him, prompting a return to his roots, 1706129818_into_the_wild_brown_film_poster.pngenlightened and transformed.


Stefan Huianu - Writer, Co-Director & Editor


Hello! I'm Stefan and i'm the writer, co director and editor of 'Into the Wild.' I wrote this film as i always believed that the topic of loneliness/being an outsider /the feeling of not being accepted/feeling as you don't belong in the society or environment you are in- has never been shown in a creative/ insightful way and i am here to do that. With my hands on approach in directing and many years of experience in editing i am going to put all my effort into telling a western style story shown through cinematic like cinematography, colour grading and art direction.

Joss Hamer - Producer


Hi! I'm Joss and i am the Producer, I have been producing films for all of the 3 years that i have been at Sussex University and definitely see myself pursuing a career in production. I would like to showcase my skills as an organised and motivating producer for 'Into the Wild' and with your help we can get the best equipment, locations and props in order for me to truly showcase my professional standard production capabilities.

Zack Kovacs - Co-Director & Sound mixer


Hi, I’m Zack and I am the Co-Director and Sound Mixer of Into The Wild. I am absolutely in love with the directing process and cant wait to get started show you guys where this film will take you. I believe many people can relate to the topic that we are trying to highlight and I ultimately want to create a film that can be watched by anyone and connected with on a global scale. This coming of age modern day western has everything you need for an emotionally engaging and visually thrilling story, with a score to leave you in awe, and I can’t wait to bring that to life through directing and sound mixing. 

Im filled with excitement to get started on this journey and show you all what you never thought you needed!. 

Oliver Tickner- Director of Photography 


Hi i'm Ollie!!  I am the cinematographer for into the wild. For this film I want to create a visual style which blends the western with modernity to make a nostalgic and emotive, yet contemporary experience for the viewer. I have always enjoyed the technology around film and its power to tell story through the sense of sight, and believe this short will showcase the strength of visual elements in delivering an engaging plot.




Filmmaking is a collaborative process, and we can’t make our film on our own. We want to make this film as good as we possibly can, this means we need to invest in talent, props and locations. Your contribution will be vital to allow us to deliver the film we want to make to appreciative audiences, and your help can make that a reality!

Below is how we plan to spend the investment, and you can help make this possible!



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