International World trust.

by Aaron Edwards in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

International World trust.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The raised funds will be put in to Trust to fund the creation of the trust in order to handle the funding required for many world projects

by Aaron Edwards in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The trust needs to be crated in order to secure the amount of funding required for many world wide projects like green safe renewable energy sources and to help lower housing cost and attack the homeless situation and crate jobs and career’s world wide for generations to come, this is my retirement project for me to pass something that will help world wide on tk the next generation and generations to come, 

As we all know we have lack of affordable housing issues and skyrocketing food and energy bills world wide and some places barly even have food or a home in a bombed out shell of a building, 

We plan to install new solar wind and hydro power production world wide along with building new subdivitions that support them selfs for energy and lower housing and energy costs for citizens world wide and create thousands of jobs and career’s world wide and allowing energy grids to be more stable and able to support new growth world wide, also create energy resources in areas that do not have energy of any kind, 

We will also focus on proper rehabilitation for thoes affected with an addiction issue to get them in to stable work and housing to be a valued part of society once again, 

 And bring new industry to towns and city's world wide that is so badly needed 

  Heading up the 4th industrial revolution for the next generation and generational overlap from the old industry to the new industry to blend and meld what industry needs to stay from the old industry adding in what's needed for the new 4th industrial revolution.

Thabk you for your time please donate so we can get things fixed in our world from the top down to the bottom 

Let's band together for a better tomorrow and fix the mess we have.

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