International Mangrove Ecosystem Day, Group Plant

by SORCE in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia


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26th July is International Mangrove Ecosystem day so we're hosting a huge community mangrove plant! Donate and we'll plant for you too!

by SORCE in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia

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£1 or more

Plant a Tree

For every £1 donation we receive, we will plant a tree in our mangrove nursery, ready for transplantation to the restoration site in November. Check our social media for updates about the carbon offset value of our mangroves!

£25 or more

Mangrove Webinar Place

Donate £25 and you'll be invited to join our next mangrove webinar. Through this class, we'll explain how your planted trees are making a difference, whilst also sharing lots of knowledge about the biology and conservation of mangrove habitats. Make sure you send us your email address so we can send you the details!

£100 or more

Sponsor a Plot

We plant our trees in plots of 100 seedlings. If you donate £100 we'll dedicate an entire plot to you, complete with your name on a plaque and a certificate emailed to you. You can even email us to ask for updates on your trees as they grow!

£1,000 or more

2-Week Eco-Venture

If you've been thinking about booking onto our Eco-venture Expedition, now is the time to book! Get £100 off the usual price with this reward! No need to choose a date now, this reward won't expire so you can join us for your expedition whenever you are ready! Just make sure you leave your email address with the donation so we can contact you!

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