Interactive Screens for Rosewood Free School

by Friends of Rosewood in Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

Interactive Screens for Rosewood Free School


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To raise funds for interactive screens for the learners at Rosewood Free School

by Friends of Rosewood in Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

Friends of Rosewood School (registered charity 1180807)

Friends of Rosewood charity raises funds for additional resources, equipment and enrichment opportunities to benefit learners at Rosewood, a special education school in Southampton for children and young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties aged 2-19.


We are looking to raise funds for 3 interactive screens for our classrooms. These screens are invaluable and currently we do not have enough for every learner to access these.


One of our class teachers has explained a little about they can be used in class:

 “Our interactive screen is such a valuable resource within our classrooms at Rosewood. The possibilities are endless for us!

 We can use them for learning:

  • The large screen is brilliant for our visually impaired learners. It is easier for them to see and we use it to work on their looking skills.
  • We use it for learning cause and effect. It is so important for our learners to learn that they can have an impact on their environment - with programmes such as ‘helpkidzlearn’ ‘big bang’ and ‘sound box’, they can control exciting moving images with sound.
  • Learners who have limited movement can use the touch screen – small movements can cause big effects on some of the programmes we use! It’s made even more accessible by the tilt, up and down functions.
  • For more able learners, it’s a great opportunity for working on mark making on the whiteboard too.


We can use it for ‘self-occupying’:

  • This gives them more independence because the activity does not rely on an adult being present.
  • They can engage in activities that encourage learning in between lessons.


We can use it to access the school network and resources more easily:

  • We can use this to access music and videos to accompany lessons.
  • During lockdown, we used it for online learning / video calls to classmates who were isolating so they could join in with the lesson from home!


Examples from our class:

  • We have a learner in our class who sometimes throws toys however they will sit for a long time using the interactive screen.
  • Another learner is working on their reaching – they now reach towards the screen to activate it.”


In another class the screen they use is currently broken and needs replacing, here is how they usually benefit from the interactive screen:


“The interactive screen is a great opportunity for the class to create social situations; the boys learn to take turns, have social interactions and to have fun independently. They have the chance to visually attend their hand movements ( work on hand eye coordination), actively work on their auditory and visual perception skills in a motivating environment. Moreover the Interactive screen is an accessible way to be able to learn active independent self-occupying. 

Not having access to the Interactive screen has limited their learning opportunities throughout the whole day.”



As you can see from our learners smiling faces and testimonies above this really is an amazing resource with lots of learning opportunities, that we would love to be able to offer all our learners here at Rosewood. Donations to support this would be greatly appreciated.

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