This hospital saves lives. We must rebuild now.

by Medic Assist International in India

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Without this hospital in rural India, people will die. We have to rebuild to keep saving lives. You can help right now.

by Medic Assist International in India

Ashita Singh helps to lead the dedicated team of doctors at Chinchpada Christian Hospital. Stand with her and give today.Shared ventilators. Surgeries performed in non-surgical wards. Cramped conditions for emergency care and a main hospital building that will be unusable in two years time. 

These are some of the challenges faced by doctors Ashita and Deepak Singh and the staff at Chinchpada Christian Hospital.

You can help change all of that and enable even more lives to be saved, for many years to come, by helping us rebuild.

We need to build a new ICU and a new general ward, creating space and facilities to save more lives. And we can’t do it without you.

Chinchpada Christian Hospital is already doing wonderful things, thanks to the support of people like you. With 60 beds and a 24-hour emergency department, CCH treats hundreds of people every month – most of them poor and out of options, many coming as far as 180 miles for affordable care. 

  • Expensive doctors have turned them away because they cannot pay. 
  • Traditional spirit healers have failed and often left them worse off, with very little time to save their lives. 

That’s when they come to CCH, where they get expert medical help and compassionate, Christian care. 

If just 1,000 people give £70 each, we can start the process of rebuilding. 

And the hospital will be able to rebuild and keep saving lives for many years.  

General wards at Chinchpada Christian Hospital are crowded and need rebuilding

Please give now.  

More and more people are coming to CCH to be treated. And our old hospital, built during the Second World War, is struggling to cope. Some of the buildings will only last a few more years. 

In order to treat more emergencies, we sometimes have to add more beds to the ICU, put more than one patient on a ventilator or perform surgeries outside surgical suites.  We do this to save lives,  because the alternative is to watch patients suffer or die, needlessly. 

We need your help so that we don’t have to make these heart-breaking choices anymore. We need to build before we have to turn more people away. And building costs money. 

You can help us replace our general ward and build on a bigger, better equipped ICU that will save more lives. 

  • Chinchpada Christian Hospital helps thousands and needs rebuildingWe need to raise £160,000 to rebuild our general ward before it's unusable, and to extend our ICU.
  • We need another £82,000 for an Air Handling Unit (to prevent unnecessary infections spreading through the air in the hospital) and a solar power plant (to ensure that lights and life-saving machines do not switch off during our district’s frequent power failures). 
  • This work can happen in phases but the process must start soon. Which is why we need your help now. 

Our goal over the next eight weeks is to raise £100,000.

Thanks to people like you, we already have £30,000. 

With your help, we can raise the next £70,000.  

We know that even £70,000 is a lot of money. But we also know that God is good, His people are faithful and our friends and supporters are compassionate, generous and hope-filled. And we know that the needs of India’s poorest will not disappear just because costs of building materials and medical equipment are climbing

The challenges are great, but we believe we can meet them with your help.

Will you help us raise all we need?

When you give, you won’t just be helping our passionate team of doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and support staff. 

You will be helping people like little Arun, an eight-year-old boy who came to CCH having violent and painful spasms and difficulty breathing. Arun arrived at CCH covered in burns where a traditional ‘healer’ had branded him with hot metal to drive the ‘spirit’ causing his spasms out. Our staff treated the infections in these burns as well as the tetanus Arun had contracted because his poor background had let him slip through the nets of education and public health and he had never been vaccinated. 

Families like Arun’s have very few options, and soon we may not be able to help them all. 

Deepak and Ashita Singh are the doctors who run CCH

We need you to give now, so that we can plan and build to save lives. 

Whether you give £16, £160 or £1,600, you will be helping our brave team of local doctors to heal thousands of patients. 

We believe that every human being deserves quality medical care – and we believe that the poor of this Indian district are just as worthy of life-saving care as any of us. That’s why we are unapologetic in asking: Will you give today? Will you dig deep and help us to enlarge our tent and extend our boundaries to reach even more people? 

Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for caring enough to help. 


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