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Help us build a brand new app to support small, ethical businesses in our local communities.

by In Good Company in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 5th November 2023 we'd raised £15,200 with 144 supporters in 40 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

With this extra funding, we'll be able to hire extra tech help to have the app build faster, meaning it will be in your hands even sooner! 

We are In Good Company, a female-founded UK start-up on a mission to help ethical small businesses thrive

We have already built a cutting-edge platform which lets you quickly and easily find the best mission-led business and experiences around you - from social enterprise coffee shops and sustainable restaurants, to zero-waste shops and eco hair salons. 


The Beta is live in London and the early feedback is great! We’ve already had over 2,200 people use it to discover hidden gem businesses working to make our planet and communities a better place. 

We set up In Good Company because we believe good companies are the future. But setting up and running a good business can be extremely costly. Especially when you’re actually paying a fair wage for workers (at all levels of the supply chain) and producing or sourcing ethically and sustainably made products that last. 

Good businesses tell us they need this support to gain customers, especially post pandemic and with the cost of living crisis. We already have nearly 300 listed businesses in London, but there are thousands more outside of London that we’re not yet able to support. 

So, the next step is to turn our platform - which is currently available via the web - into a proper mobile app so it can be even more accessible, allowing us to scale up across the UK and reach hundreds of thousands more people, getting these businesses the customers they need to not only survive, but thrive. 

And that’s where we need your help!



How you can get involved

First, and perhaps most importantly, you can use the platform today! Whether you need a caffeine kick, are planning drinks with friends or want somewhere special for date night, we’ve got hundreds of ethical, sustainable and socially-conscious places in London to meet your needs. 


And of course, you can also contribute to this Crowdfunder and tell your friends, contacts and networks to do the same! 

We’ve got some amazing rewards on offer - from an invite to our launch party to time with our Co-founders and treats from fellow good companies - or you can just make a donation! 

By participating in our Crowdfunder, you’re helping us at the start of something really special. We have big ambitions to change the way people spend their time and money for the better. We want to help people easily have experiences that make a difference and to help businesses that are driving positive impact for people, planet and communities become the norm, not the exception. We’d love you to be a part of making this mission a reality.

App-solutely transparent! Where your contributions will go

The money we raise, thanks to your generosity, will directly fund the development and launch of the mobile app. We’ll re-package our platform - which you can use today - and deliver it straight to your phone as a proper app, for both iPhone and Android. We've got a super talented - but small! - tech team raring to go. We just need your support!


This will make it infinitely easier to find good businesses when you’re out and about and is the number one thing people have been asking for. 

Our commitments

1. Always helpful, easy and simple - The world of sustainability and good business can feel intimidating and confusing. We're here to offer suggestions and make it as easy as possible, wherever we can. 

2. Fun - We're obviously biased, but honestly, we're pretty fun! We can be serious when it matters but ultimately it's joyful to be part of our community. 

3. Authentic and Transparent - No greenwashing here! We’re all about sharing all the information available. It's also why we've partnered with so many experts, like the Living Wage Foundation, Sustainable Restaurant Association and ESG Mark. Because collaboration beats competition every time. 

4. We're good too - We don't just support good companies - we're committed to being one too. We're an accredited Living Wage Employer, signed up to the Good Business Charter, members of the Organisation for Responsible Business and supporter members of Social Enterprise UK. We work to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Responsible Production and Consumption - and have committed to reinvesting 10% of profits back into our mission. And there's lots more we want to do to keep being better. That's why our motto is 'good not perfect'. 

Making your money go further

Thanks to the support of our amazing early investors, and the grant funding we received from the likes of Hatch Enterprise and Sky’s the Limit, we’ve built out the core technology to power our business. The foundation we’ve built for our web app paves the way for our mobile app. And, the skills and tools we’ve acquired within our tech team have enabled us to develop an exciting proof of concept for our mobile app.


This progress we’ve made so far will help your money go further, with the effort going straight into readying the new app for a beta launch. It means avoiding expensive R&D, discovery, and design costs, significantly shortening the traditional development timeline for building a mobile app.  

Why Crowdfunding?

With this previous support, you might wonder why we're crowdfunding, and why now. This is a crucial time for our business - we know users are loving finding ethical places and experiences on our website but they want the ease of downloading the app to their phone. Crowdfunding allows us to get the vital funds we need NOW to make this happen and the best part is, the users who want the app can be instrumental in making it happen through supporting our Crowdfunder.  


Raising investment also takes a lot of time and it's a really tricky market out there right now - especially for female tech founders. Building the app will help us meet consumer and business needs now, growing our community and evidencing real traction to help us with our next raise, unlocking our ability to take In Good Company UK wide! And who wouldn't want that?

Our world needs good businesses

You don't need us to tell you that we're facing some big challenges right now - from climate change to the cost of living crisis and widening inequality. Ethical businesses - those companies who are giving back to people, planet and community, over and above just making a profit -  play a really important role in helping tackle those problems. 

Their missions vary, but include things like employing people experiencing homelessness, operating as close to zero-waste as possible, and providing meaningful employment and support in local communities. We’ve partnered with some brilliant ethical accreditation and membership bodies like the Living Wage Foundation and Sustainable Restaurant Association, to guide you through the greenwashing/ good business claims noise so you can see exactly what each company is doing to be good. 


Good companies show how businesses can operate in a better way, giving back beyond profit, protecting the planet and fostering social cohesion. And we’re here to help them get the support they deserve. 

We're In Good Company

We're Alex and Sarah, the Co-Founders of In Good Company. We met taking part in Year Here, a programme to build solutions to some of society's toughest challenges.


That was where we really discovered and fell in love with good companies - those companies who are giving back to people, planet and community, over and above just making a profit. There are thousands of them out there and the amazing people behind them are showing how business really can do better.

But we got frustrated with how hard it was to find them - especially when we're 'out and about' in the real world. That was when the idea for In Good Company was born. 

Feel good whilst doing good

With In Good Company, you can experience pure satisfaction as you unlock the power to make profoundly positive choices – where it’s easy to align and invest your time and resources seamlessly with your personal passions and values.

Join our vibrant community that thrives on conscious decisions, whether it's savouring a meal, indulging in retail therapy, embarking on an adventure, or finding sanctuary in a hotel stay. 

Each choice can now become part of a seismic shift, casting a ripple effect that transforms the world around us.

Celebrate as each pound you spend makes the world a little fairer and brighter. 

You'll be In Good Company. 


This project offered rewards

£10 or more

Have a tree planted in your honour

For the final days of our Crowdfunder we're going to plant a tree for every £10 donated! You'll also receive a digital certification of dedication. And if you select the £20 option we'll plant 2 for you!

£20 or more

Have a tree planted in your honour

Working with our B-Corp certified partner, Carma, we'll have a tree planted in your honour. We'll also send you a digital certificate of dedication.

£35 or more

Exclusive early access to the App

Be the first to get your hands on the brand new app that your donation has helped to create. You'll get access ahead of everyone else. If that's not permission to feel smug we don't know what is!

£50 or more

Premium Supporter Badge on the App

Get one of just 50 Premium, limited edition custom badges for your profile on our platform so everyone will know you backed the app. Kind of like an NFT but so much better because it shows you're doing good in the world!

£50 or more

Become a member of our VIP customer group

Become a member of our exclusive VIP customer group. You'll have an active voice in the development of new features, get early access, give feedback and get other exclusive offers and perks!

£75 or more

Free Good Company Guide for Ethical Businesses

Get a free copy of our forthcoming digital Good Company Guide, featuring over 150 of the top grants, support programmes and resources for anyone starting or building an ethical business. Also includes special content for female founders. You can keep this for yourself or gift it to someone else.

£100 or more

Exclusive invite to our Launch Party!

Get an exclusive invite to our very special launch party on the 11th October, hosted at a Good Company in the centre of London, and see in-person what a difference your support is making. NOTE: You must have donated before the 11th October to redeem this.

£100 or more

Special Supporter Badge on the App

We'll create a special custom badge for your profile on our platform so everyone will know you backed the app. Kind of like an NFT but so much better because it shows you're doing good in the world!

£150 or more

Be honoured on our supporters page

See your name in lights! (Well close to lights anyway!) We'll list you on our dedicated supporters page to reflect your generosity. A thank you for your support post will be shouted out on our Twitter and Facebook pages, and on Instagram too.

£200 or more

Good Company Walking tour with the Co-Founders

Join an exclusive London walking tour with one of the Co-Founders visiting an array of good businesses along the way. Treats and drinks from good companies will be included along with fun historical facts, London insider tips and good company! A fun afternoon seeing London from a different perspective - treat yourself or gift to a friend.

£250 or more

Exclusive ethical swag!

Be the first to get your hands on the first In Good Company swag! Limited edition, created specially for the Crowdfunder and all made using ethically-sourced materials.

£300 or more

A dedicated 121 session with one of our founders

A dedicated 1 hour session with either Alex - who specialises in mentoring, especially younger women or emerging social entrepreneurs, and pitch training - or Sarah - who's a fundraising expert, having raised over £3m for charities. You can gift this on to someone else if you'd like too.

£500 or more

Positive impact gift box on your birthday

Mark your - or a loved one's - birthday with a gift that doesn't just look good but does good too. We'll send a special gift box from Social Supermarket packed full of treats which are all doing something good for the world.

£500 or more

Give your good cause the spotlight

We'll provide a suite of advertising space on our platform, as well as in our social and marketing channels, for the good cause of your choosing. A brilliant way to honour a charity or community project that's close to your heart and help them too.

£1,000 or more

Lunch with the founders at a good company

We'll take you for an incredible meal in London at a specially selected good company to say thank you for your generosity. You'll get to see the kinds of places you are helping to support and can bring another person along with you.

£1,000 or more

Exclusive Founder Badge on the App

A limited edition Founder badge for your profile on our platform so everyone will know you backed the app. Kind of like an NFT but so much better because it shows you're doing good in the world!

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