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Started on 27th February 2021 Witney, England, United Kingdom

WOOF! I'm Indy Anna Bones and I used to live in Romania and I was very sad then because I had no 2-leggers to give me food. But now I live in UK & have my own 2-leggers and some friends too!

I'm a lucky dog.  I get to go into work at Guideposts everyday with my 2-legger and I get to make some really lovely friends.  Some of my friends at work need lots of support because they learn things differently or sometimes they can't tell you what they want with words, and use hands instead.  Some of my friends get sad and some of them get tooooooooooooo excited.  Some of them use wheels and they are big wheels too!  Some of my friends make loud noises and some of them are very very quiet!  Some of my friends are like grannies and grampies and they sometimes forget they met me.  I like that cos I get extra big cuddles when they meet me for the first time again. (and sometimes a get a biscuit when 2-leggers not seeing)

(The worky people use big words like Learning Disability and Autism, or Complex Needs or Dementia and Mental Health, i think it tells it better than me here!). 

My friends at Guideposts are the best people I get to see, and my 2-legger and her worky people give them all sorts of help and support to help them feel better! They get to do cool things together, like jigsaws, making awesome pictures, and watching films.  My best time is when my 2-legger and my friends put music on and they do that funny thing with their feet - I want to do that but my feet are too many.  

Walking to Wellbeing with my new friends on the Guideposts Global Challenge!

All my friends at Guideposts go for really really long walks, and I love really really long walks too.  They go for so many walks we are all going to see if we can walk around the World together.  I think that is super cool cos 2-legger and the worky people keep giving me bones n stuff and I am feeling heavy, and I can be fitter if I walk more than I do now.  (my 2-legger calls it lock down weight - but i dont understand cos i am free and not locked up like when I was a little doggy in Romania)  

I can't wait to get walking and challenging me cos I want to help to raise money for my 2-legger and her worky people to carry on helping my friends forever cos my friends are really really happy when they go to Guideposts and I love them.  It's not going to be easy to walk 70 km a day cos it depends on how lazy my 2-leggers are.  The long hair 2-legger will need to pull her finger out cos the moustache 2-legger goes much further i think.

I would totes love your help by donating to me today!

I would love any of you putting some money onto this fund for crowds of people - it will give me a boost to do more every day - and you will be really really helping all my friends at Guideposts.

Thanks Woof!


Indy Anna Bones
12th April 2021 at 6:23pm

Thanks to all the patrons of the New Inn Witney, on opening day 12th April 2021! Bit of a cheeky cash grab around the pub! Thanks to everyone for supporting Indy and Guideposts Trust!

12th April 2021 at 6:22pm

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Maxine Dadge
7th April 2021 at 9:18am

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Indy Anna Bones
1st April 2021 at 11:22am

I love bumping into Indy on the streets of Witney, and I love to hear about her going in the office and the people Guideposts work with. Good luck on your Global Challenge Indy! We love the work Guideposts do in Witney at St Mungos!

1st April 2021 at 11:20am

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