Independents for Frome: 2022 Campaign

by Scott Ward in Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

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Support Independents for Frome to take their ideas beyond Frome for the first time!

by Scott Ward in Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

Independents for Frome (ifF) is a group of local people who care about where we live, and who believe that national party politics get in the way of what is best for our town and county. 

We put place before party, and people before politics. 

At the heart of ifF is a strong belief in the potential of Frome and Somerset, and a deep commitment to do what is good for our communities. 


We are crowdfunding our May 2022 local election campaign. 

As a group of independents we don’t have access to, nor do we wish to seek out, the large sums of money that other parties do. Instead we rely on our communities to see the value and commitment we offer Frome, and support us in keeping Frome Town Council fully independent - as it has been at the last two elections.

In addition, this year we are running two strong candidates for the new Somerset Unitary council. This is important as with change comes opportunity - the opportunity both for our Town Council to take on more responsibility, and the Unitary council to set aside party politics, tackle Somerset’s significant challenges, and make a real difference across the county.

Somerset is facing some real struggles. Many families are stuck in a cycle of low income and low prospects with children not receiving the education and support they deserve. Older people are struggling with loneliness and isolation, and village residents are hampered by poor connectivity - both physical and digital.

But the current ways of working are not working, and we need bold ideas, new perspectives, and a different, more inclusive way of representing the people of Somerset if there is to be any change. This is what we will bring to the table. So while we might only be two councillors we know we can have a big impact.

We were born in Frome, but we are ready for Somerset. 


Three reasons to vote for IfF: 

  • IfF you want an independent voice free from national party politics.
  • IfF you want a champion of localism - giving local people the authority and the funds to improve their communities.
  • IfF you want a councillor that works with local people and local groups to help them address local issues and create positive change. 


In the forthcoming election on May 5th, IfF has put forward 17 strong, independent and locally- driven town council candidates. Seven out of eight of Frome’s town wards will not be contested by any other parties, groups or individuals. We are thrilled to be able to continue working with the people of Frome, and bring a new group of independent councillors into the Town Hall.

This news obviously impacted our campaign and we have since refocused our energy on winning our two Unitary seats, along with campaigning for Town Council in Berkley Down ward, and continuing to engage with residents across Frome - as part our mission to make local politics interesting, relevant and exciting again. 

But we need funds to continue our work. 

With your help we hope to encourage residents to not just hope for it, but vote for it, on May 5th!

£20 will allow us to print 500 leaflets

£50 will allow us to produce 10 garden signs

£100 will help us produce our campaign videos

We are grateful for all contributions, and all monies not allocated to campaign costs will go towards our continued work to engage with our communities. 

You can find out more about us at


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