In the Round

by Yuxi Jiang in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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"In the Round" is a cross-cultural dance theatre performance exploring the presence of circles in our everyday lives.

by Yuxi Jiang in Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. We are thrilled to be part of the Edinburgh Fringe this year in partnership with the fantastic Greenside Venues! Below, you’ll find more information about us and our multi-cultural dance theatre performance, IN THE ROUND. We are fortunate to have secured the Keep it Fringe Fund, which has helped us initiate this project and cover venue costs. However, as we prepare for the festival and 'show week,' we still face significant financial challenges. Any contribution you can make will truly make a difference in the realisation of this project.




YUCCA DANCE is a collaborative duo from two different countries—China and the UK—separated by a distance of 5,058 miles. Despite this vast distance, Yuxi and Luca met in an abandoned shopping mall in Edinburgh during a dance improvisation showcase amidst piano skeletons last winter. 

Their connection was immediate, and they soon began working on their first version of IN THE ROUND on January 24. The show was subsequently selected for the 2024 Spring Scratch Night at Dance Base, receiving positive feedback. Now, they are excited to continue the journey and bring this unique performance to the Edinburgh Fringe.


Directed and Performed by Yucca Dance

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2024  - Greenside Venues, Olive studio

19th – 24th August, 10:30 AM


IN THE ROUND explores the universal symbolism of circles, a theme intrinsic to human existence that manifests in daily cycles, the seasons, and the ebbs and flows of relationships and life stages. We merge Chinese folk dance from the Tibetan region and Western contemporary dance, challenging traditional storytelling by interweaving personal, often untold stories with a rich body of cultural, spiritual, and philosophical influences to explore these perpetual loops and their deeper meanings. Inspired by figures from Pythagoras to Tibetan traditions, set to music by Japanese art-pop duo Dip in the Pool, the show integrates dance, film, and multilingual audio interviews to facilitate a cross-cultural dialogue on the symbolism of circles across the globe. 

"In my view, the shape of a circle is both metaphorical and powerful. It's a universal symbol that also holds deep cultural significance. I've always been fascinated by Tibetan culture, partly due to my dance training background, but also because I'm awestruck by how Tibetan culture is shaped by the concept of the circle. This circularity seems at odds with our typically angular world, filled with rectangular buildings and sharp edges.  Yet, through repeated 'circumambulations,' cycles can gradually reveal the true essence of life and self." — Yuxi

"To me, circles are a shape of cyclical completeness. The circle could represent our sense of self.  As we develop self-awareness and experience different life stages our circles move into focus. Finding clarity takes time, it is different for everyone! I hope that by watching In the Round, you will be encouraged to think about what your circle looks like." — Luca

We use many circles to bridge cultures, incorporating stories and interviews from family and friends across more than ten languages, from East to West, making the circle whole.



As a new company, bound with a collective goal to bring In the Round to the Fringe, the previous fund from Keep it Fringe has enabled us to start the registration process and secure our venue for a week's run. Now we urgently need crowdfunding support for the following:

  • Paying our Collaborators: We want to fairly compensate the amazing Scottish-based freelancers who have helped us capture beautiful marketing and promotional material, including covering their travel expenses.
  • Technical Aspects: We need a technician to help with setting up the show, running the production, and striking after each performance.
  • Transportation to Edinburgh: Our collaborators are based in Glasgow, so we need to cover their travel costs for rehearsals and shoot days.
  • Marketing Costs: Your donations will help us with printing posters and distributing flyers to ensure our presence in Edinburgh is known and to attract audiences.
  • Rehearsal Space: Creating a great show requires extensive rehearsals. As an independent creative entity, we rely on hiring spaces for rehearsals. A contribution of £10 would afford us 30 minutes of rehearsal time in a suitable space!


Yuxi and Luca have discussed how to manage the money raised by this crowdfund after all the bills are settled. We would love to make Fringe an incredible launch pad for IN THE ROUND and should the opportunity arise to take the show beyond Edinburgh and connect to more audiences far and wide, then we can use the surplus funds to support the next stage. However, if the Fringe is the ultimate point for IN THE ROUND, we have agreed to find another Scottish arts project that needs financial support to donate to.

Thank you so much for reading and we hope to see you at Greenside in August!


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Invitation to the post-show discussion on 25/08/2024 | Signed A4 show poster (available to addresses in UK and Europe) | A high-resolution recording of our performance.

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Anyone who supports In the Round via this crowdfund is invited to a post-show zoom meet on Sunday 25th August to discuss the creative process, celebrate the run of shows and share our experience of doing the Fringe! | We will also provide a high-resolution recording of our performance!

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The top contributor to our crowdfund will receive: Invitation to the post-show discussion on 25/08/2024 | Signed A4 show poster (available to addresses in UK and Europe) | FREE TICKET to see our show in August | A luxury gift hamper from Harvey Nichols (available to UK addresses).

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