In loving memory of Kristoffer Jak Atyeo

by [email protected] in Glastonbury, England, United Kingdom

In loving memory of Kristoffer Jak Atyeo

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In loving memory of Kristoffer Jak Atyeo to support his family at this extremely sad and difficult time. X

by [email protected] in Glastonbury, England, United Kingdom

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On Saturday 27th of June, the world sadly lost Kristoffer Jak Atyeo, a loyal and caring soul with a sense of humour like no other, a father, brother, son and a great friend to many many people. 

We are all absolutely devastated by this very sad news and really want to help the family as much as possible through this extremely difficult time so if you feel the same and can help in anyway please make a contribution, big or small to this CrowdFunder, all money will go towards the cost of a funeral and other expenses his family may have at this difficult time. Any extra money raised will be used in an appropriate manner to further support the family.

Thank you 


We understand it is difficult financially for many at this time so even just a simple share of this CrowdFunder goes a long way to supporting it ♥️

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