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Started on 5th March 2020 London, England, United Kingdom

Who we are

We are a team of 5 students enrolled at the University of Westminster, collaborating with Childhood Trust to fundraise towards London’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children. A serious social problem we believe shouldn’t exist in 2020.

Jacob, Diwa, Tomas, Luca and Nassim

The Context - London in 2020

There are currently 700,000 children living in poverty in London with the number forecast to rise by the end of 2020. During the school holidays up to 500,000 children are at risk of going hungry. 85,000 children in London are currently homeless.

About the Childhood Trust

Childhood Trust is London’s child poverty charity funding 120 grassroots projects to supply vulnerable and disadvantaged children throughout the community. By bringing companies, philanthropists, and doners together they ensure these projects help thousands of children trapped in poverty who need our help.

Without their financial support, 75% of the projects funded would not be able to operate. The projects funded by the Childhood Trust deliver vital services such as after-school and holiday support, hot meals, help with homework, mentoring, social work referrals, counseling, sports, arts, and cultural activities and family support in the home.

All of the charity’s overheads are covered by their trustees which means that 100% of all restricted donations to the Childhood Trust are used to fund projects supporting children. 

Children of London


This bedroom, shared by four toddler boys, was referred to the Decorate A Child’s Life Programme by Social Services. The four boys are not the only children living in the flat. They have three older sisters. Two of them share another bedroom, while the eldest, a teenager, has her own. It’s barely big enough for a single bed. 

 When this photo was taken, the children were living with no heating or hot water. Their parents, who have histories of depression and drug use, were struggling to cope and meet the needs of their seven children. All three bedrooms were transformed in one day by the Decorate A Child’s Life Programme.


Mai and her baby, Laurel, live in a kitchen. They were moved here by Social Services because Laurel’s dad is a registered sex offender.

Mai had to give up her PhD and has lost her student visa. Until it’s renewed, she manages on sixty pounds a week, paying for nappies and some groceries. Mai eats on her feet over the sink beside Laurel’s highchair. ‘We copy each other sometimes,’ says Mai. ‘She’s a little bit clever.’

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