Your strong smooth swimming awaits!

by Immerse in London, England, United Kingdom

Your strong smooth swimming awaits!

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Pre-book your summer lessons now & we will reward you with extra FREE lessons. And if we raise £10k the Mayor will grant us £5k.

by Immerse in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 22nd June 2021 we'd raised £6,360 with 12 supporters in 83 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We are Immerse and what we do is help adults swim beautifully.

We know that many of you have been dreaming of your holidays, of open-water swimming, of surfing, of stand up paddle, of splashing about in the water with family and of the delight of swimming in the big blue with the sun on your back.

We also know that many of you feel that your swimming is not quite what it could be - that your swimming is a bit clunky or lets you down or may not even exist at all.

Well, let this be the last time that your swimming holds you back. Let strong smooth swimming be one of the good things to come out of all of this, one of the positive personal changes that you make.

We believe that each of us has the ability to swim beautifully. Our mission is to help you connect with that ability and to love your swimming so much that it simply becomes part of the fabric of your life. 

It’s this vision that has kept us going this past year. For us, just as for many small independent businesses in the leisure industry it hasn’t been easy. The pools at which we teach have been closed for most of the year. Going online simply hasn't been an of the downsides of in-pool 1:1 swim teaching!

Nor have any of the local support grants for leisure reached us.

But our tribe of loyal, supportive swimmers has been our inspiration. Their belief in us and what we do has been heartwarming.

And so we are delighted to announce we have re-opening dates! We will be teaching from mid-June at Covent Garden and from late July in the City. See below for further details.  

We work with swimmers at all levels. From those starting out and about to take those first tentative steps to seasoned pros who cannot wait to get back into the water after so prolonged an absence.

Pre-pay for lessons and you will help our small independent local business bounce back even stronger than before. Your advance support will also help us access and benefit from £5,000 in grant funding from the Mayoral scheme. And as they say every penny helps.

Your contribution isn’t a donation but an upfront pre-payment for lessons you have been waiting to enjoy for over 12 months. (Of course, if you prefer to make a donation that’s fine - but we would just love to give you those lessons!)

By way of incentive and 'thank you' we will reward you with some free lessons (see the rewards chart on the right).

We'd love you to learn more about us and our teaching philosophy. Just head over to  And if you have any questions that aren't answered below simply email [email protected].

We would be delighted to see you in the water with us and help you discover your own strong smooth swimming.

Thank you in advance and in anticipation of the joy and freedom we will share in the pool together this summer!

Orla and team

Your questions answered:

Where do you teach?
We teach at One Aldwych hotel in Covent Garden and at private health clubs in the City and Westminster. All lessons are open to non-members. For full details see

What are your teaching hours?
We teach at One Aldwych Hotel in Covent Garden on weekdays. The first lesson of the day starts at 0815. The last lesson of the day finishes at 2100. We teach weekdays and weekends in the City. On weekdays the first lesson of the day starts at 0600 in the morning and the last lesson of the day finishes at 2100. Weekend hours are 0900-1700.

When can I start my lessons?
We resume lessons at One Aldwych hotel from mid-June and in the City from late July.

When can I book my days/times?
We will contact you when we open our bookings portal. This will be about a month before lessons resume.

What if I can’t find a suitable time/location when lessons resume?
This is very unlikely as we teach extended hours across multiple locations. But if you can’t find anything suitable don’t worry we will refund your payment no questions asked.

How long do I have to take the lessons?
One year from the day you purchase on here!

How long is each lesson?
Lessons are 45mins and 1:1 with the instructor working in the water with you.

What is the Crowdfunder Optional Tip?
The Crowdfunder platform is offering its services free of charge during Covid. They have however included an optional tip. Given the size of the transaction we do not expect you to pay this. We suggest that you de-select this and select "other amount" and add a value as you see fit.

How long is this campaign open for and what if you don’t hit £10,000?
This campaign is open for 4 weeks only until mid June. If we don’t hit our target don’t worry. We will still honour your lessons. It’s just that we would miss out on the Mayoral grant. But we intend to smash the target!

What is the paragraph below about?
The paragraph below is from this pay-it-forward platform. It’s included in all campaigns and relates to the rewards only as this is something the platform can’t guarantee. But it is something that we guarantee!

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see our Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


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