by Craig Chaytor in Hull, England, United Kingdom

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Help raise funds to provide myself with equipment & essentials so i can help children around the world & put happy smiles on there faces

by Craig Chaytor in Hull, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to my Project.

First of all i thank you deeply from my heart if you support my project I'm just a dad trying to create some thing new for the world to use, it a first of it kind. This is my second attempt at raising funds for this amazing project with more reasearch behind it & more people backing it world wide.  I hope you enjoy the rest in what im trying to achieve.

The I.M.M.E project is a new take on Virtual Reality to help all children around the world. What i've created is a real time 360 virtual reality, that makes a very relaxed sensory enviroment with sweet gentle meditation music and relaxing sounds. It proven that it helps aid the child development and progression in learning, but also helps them feel relaxed.

This project is very personal to me as my daughter suffers with williams syndrome, it a rare genetic disorder that has a impact on imogen in mulitple ways. One way is learning, imogen struggles to learn new things and she easily distracted and struggles to engage with new things . Taking this on board i wanted to help get the best out of imogen and in doing so i ended up creating this amazing project. After i saw the impact it had on imogen and with family and friends i knew i was on to something here, thats got the ability to help other children around the world. So my work began.

With Imogen she was showing signs of the follwoing 

  • Better memory 
  • Speech improvment 
  • mobility 
  • Learning new things 
  • Engaging to know more
  • Plus many more benefits

My main focus group is children who have a disabilty or a special need, but i don't discriminate because any child can use this to help them because it proven to help anybody including adults. Plus its really fun for the child to use. It a new twist to learning. 

So with more extensive research and lots of meetings the project was slowly taking shape.

It proven from my research that there is a need for this to help children around the world. So i created a prototype and after getting parents permission at a local school i put it to test to start trails. They were a huge success a truly amazing sight to see.

See below the pictures it says it all in there faces the impact it had on them.

There a lot more but you get the idea from looking at there faces. Each child has a personal need and what the project intales was new to them but everyone showed a huge interest in it and amazed not just myself but all the teachers to.  One teacher had  a tear in her eyes she was moved by the children reactions. Each one showed and pushed them selfs to say words and get mobile to look a round which was the same results i had with my daughter so it was helping there development also.  With the trails a huge success i then went to explore to get my story out there in the world.

Upload V.r is an amazing media news site that covers new gadgets, to new and exciting story's within the tech world. After reaching out to them they spoke among them selfs between USA office and Great Britian office. They loved the project that much they wanted to share my story. They published the story and it went global ,within hours i had familys to parents sending messges / emails all giving great feedback on the project and wanted to know when it will go live. They all wanted to buy it to help there children. 

Here is the link : https://uploadvr.com/vr-good-one-dad-williams-syndrome/

The way i will get my software out to  the world is through a new adaptive media player app for compatiable smart phones. I strongly believe that putting it on a app to a smartphone is easy and much safer to use.

  • No wires so nobody will get tangled or hurt.
  • Can take it anyway .
  • Fits in to any V.R headset box. 
  • Easy to control.
  • Save money
  • etc

I've created a webpage so you can take a closer look into the project and also a journey video so you can see for your self the journey i'm taking to get ths amazing new idea out there in the world. Please back this knowing that you supported a great cause to help many children around the world. This Project is a first of it kind. 

Webpage -     https://immemedia.wixsite.com/immemedia


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There no price to make a child happy Pledge any amount knowing your doing a great deed. There NO personal reward to this the only reward is knowing you've pledge to give a child a better future

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