I am cutting my own hair ????????

I am cutting my own hair ????????


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Started on 1st May 2020 Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

I am raising money for a charitable cause that is very important to me so please donate and help me reach my target in aid of NHS Charities Together. Anything you can contribute towards helping me achieve my target will be massively appreciated.    My Story...

On the 29th December 2017 i was nearly at the end of my pregnancy as my baby was due end of January 2018, i woke up and didn’t feel too well but i carried on with the day as usual until around late afternoon, Then i felt  like i couldn’t breathe it was scary as i was worried for my un born child. I called 999 and explained i couldn’t breathe and i was heavily pregnant i remember apologising because i called 999 but the lady on the phone kept me calm and told me not to worry an ambulance was on its way. Ambulance arrived and gave me nebulisers but there was no change they took me in. After 3 days spent in hospital on nebulisers there was still no change so the consultants decided to induce my early to get my baby off my lungs. 

My beautiful baby boy was born in an hour as they had to use different drips to induce me fast , he weighed 6lb 1oz but every thing was perfect with him????????????

Then i took a turn for the worst and instead of me getting better i had to go to icu, i spent 3 weeks in a room on my own with my baby. i struggled to breathe it was the scariest time of my life , i thought i would never be able to breathe again properly. I finally was able to go home but with the support of nebuliser, inhalers and steroids to keep my air ways open, because of the tablets i was given it then affected all my stomach . I had to go back to the hospital as my stomach lining had all been damaged,more medication was given to fix this. I had to attend respiratory clinic at the hospital every 4 weeks for a year but now it’s every 3 months if i’m doing ok. I had good days bad days good weeks bad weeks and so on.

I just want to say i know how these people out there fighting for there life to breathe feel, it is scary i never want to feel like that again so this is why i want to raise money for the NHS ????They saved my life and i am thank full to them everyday day . 

Thank you for reading my story 




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Megan Chard
1st May 2020 at 10:07am

Well done mummy

Megan Chard
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